Designlines : 2020-10-02

Urban Update : 29 : 29

Urban Update

Invi si ble. Flap System Kinvaro T-slim grasscanad­ SLENDER, HIDDEN, ALMOST INVISIBLE. KINVARO T-SLIM COMBINES BEAUTIFUL AESTHETICS AND PRECISE STABLE CONSTRUCTI­ON WITH THE ART OF SEAMLESS MOVEMENT. SEE FOR YOURSELF! kinvaro t-slim. To achieve the highest degree of transparen­cy, a movement system must be able to disappear. Kinvaro T-slim has this ability. Inobtrusiv­e. Elegant. Strong. Beautiful. KT Feel more WOW. Motion Design Made in Germany. grasscanad­ With a branded product, you know what you’re getting. GRASS is the best case in point. Our premium movement systems combine technologi­cal advance, comfortabl­e functional­ity, top quality and precision all the way through to the smallest detail. Ad_2020_wwm_kinvaro_t-slim_235x280+3_en.indd 1 27.04.20 09