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● Be­fore test­ing wash your hands with warm wa­ter and soap, and dry them well. Avoid al­co­hol-based cleansers, as they can dry your skin.

● Set your lanc­ing de­vice at a com­fort­able depth. Try a dif­fer­ent lanc­ing de­vice if the one you are us­ing is not com­fort­able.

● Look for lancets that are thin­ner and shorter, and en­sure they will fit in your lanc­ing de­vice.

● Re­place the lancet each time you use it.

● When test­ing, use the sides of your fin­ger­tips and ro­tate amongst your fin­gers.

● Dis­card your lancet and strips in a sharps-rated con­tainer. Check with your phar­macy for op­tions avail­able in your com­mu­nity.

● Store your strips in the ap­pro­pri­ate con­tainer or pack­ag­ing away from sun­light and mois­ture.

● To ver­ify your me­ter’s ac­cu­racy, do a glu­cose read­ing from your fin­ger at the same time a lab sam­ple is drawn, then have the me­ter re­sult recorded di­rectly on the lab req­ui­si­tion. When the re­sults from the lab test are re­ported, the dif­fer­ence should be no more than 20 per­cent. This should be done an­nu­ally to en­sure your me­ter is work­ing well.

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