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A pe­dome­ter tracks the num­ber of steps you take. Many are now avail­able in “wear­able tech” such as in a smart watch. The av­er­age per­son takes any­where from 2,000 to 5,000 steps in a day with a nor­mal rou­tine. Some re­search has sug­gested that tak­ing 10,000 steps a day (roughly equal to 8 km) leads to a health­ier you.

Wear the pe­dome­ter for a few days to de­ter­mine your usual daily step to­tal. Then, set a goal to in­crease your av­er­age by 500 steps. When you achieve the new goal for sev­eral days in a row, set a new one, and you are on your way!

When you see how many steps you’re tak­ing a day you’ll soon be look­ing for ways to up the count. Park­ing a lit­tle far­ther away from the door, walk­ing an ex­tra loop around the mall…or just walk­ing with a friend, all con­trib­ute to more steps.

Look for a pe­dome­ter:

● known for its ac­cu­racy

● with a cover to pre­vent the but­ton from ac­ci­den­tally be­ing re­set.

● that is easy to use.

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