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Reg­u­lar ex­er­cise is good for ev­ery­one, es­pe­cially type 2 di­a­bet­ics. But sim­ply sit­ting less may have a big im­pact on reg­u­lat­ing blood su­gar, a study pub­lished by re­searchers at Maas­tricht Uni­ver­sity Med­i­cal Cen­ter in the Nether­lands sug­gests. Nine­teen study par­tic­i­pants – type 2 di­a­bet­ics with an av­er­age age of 63 who did not take in­sulin – were asked to fol­low three dif­fer­ent phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity regimes for four days each, sep­a­rated by 10-day rest pe­ri­ods. In the first regime, they sat for 14 hours, walked for one hour and stood for an hour. In the ‘sit less’ pro­gram, sit­ting time was bro­ken up ev­ery 30 min­utes with light walk­ing and stand­ing – two hours of the for­mer and three hours of the lat­ter. The third, ‘ex­er­cise’ pro­gram com­prised re­plac­ing an hour a day of sit­ting time with mod­er­ate- to vig­or­ous-in­ten­sity in­door cycling. The ‘sit less’ and ‘ex­er­cise’ pro­grams burned sim­i­lar amounts of calo­ries and yielded sim­i­lar im­prove­ments in in­sulin sen­si­tiv­ity and 24-hour blood glu­cose lev­els. The ‘sit less’ pro­gram, how­ever, gen­er­ally yielded the best re­sults. The au­thors would like to see a larger study done, but say find­ings sug­gest light-in­ten­sity walk­ing and stand­ing more dur­ing the day is bet­ter than an hour of high-in­ten­sity ex­er­cise for su­gar reg­u­la­tion in type 2 di­a­bet­ics. Re­sults were pub­lished in the jour­nal Di­a­betolo­gia in De­cem­ber 2016.

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