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Di­a­betes can put you at a higher risk for gum dis­ease and se­ri­ous in­fec­tions can raise blood glu­cose lev­els. Gum dis­ease such as gin­givi­tis (char­ac­ter­ized by in­flamed and bleed­ing gums), can lead to other, more se­ri­ous gum dis­or­ders and tooth loss. A feel­ing of dry mouth is an­other com­plaint and may also lead to in­creased den­tal de­cay or fun­gus in­fec­tions such as thrush.

How to pro­tect your teeth and gums

● Brush af­ter ev­ery meal and be­fore you go to bed.

● Floss be­tween your teeth at least once a day.

● Don’t smoke.

● Make reg­u­lar vis­its to your den­tist and let him or her know you have di­a­betes.


Af­ter you have brushed your teeth pull about 40 cm (20”) of floss from the spool and wrap the ends firmly around your mid­dle fin­gers.

Gen­tly slide the tight sec­tion of floss be­tween each of your teeth, be­ing care­ful not to snap it onto the gum. Move floss away from the gum and gen­tly rub the floss up and down against the side of each tooth. Use a fresh sec­tion of floss be­tween each tooth. Don’t for­get to floss be­hind the last tooth or any other tooth where there is no other tooth touch­ing it. Be gen­tle so as not to dam­age your gums and floss at least once a day, prefer­ably be­fore bed.


Se­lect a soft bris­tle tooth­brush and make sure that you re­place it reg­u­larly, about ev­ery three months or if you have a cold. Be gen­tle when you brush and let the bris­tles do the work for you. Ap­ply a dab of tooth­paste to your brush and place your brush at an an­gle along your gum line. Use a cir­cu­lar, up-and­down mas­sag­ing mo­tion on your teeth, not for­get­ting the in­side sur­faces and the chew­ing surface of each tooth. Use the tip of your brush to brush be­hind your top and bot­tom front teeth. Re­mem­ber to brush your tongue while you’re at it. Try to brush af­ter ev­ery meal.

Chew­ing sug­ar­less gum is a good way to pro­mote saliva pro­duc­tion, which helps keep your teeth and mouth clean.

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