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In­stead of brush­ing with but­ter and dip­ping in caster sugar, toss the dough­nuts in ic­ing sugar be­fore adding the lemon curd or choco­late top­pings. If dip­ping in lemon glaze, leave the dough­nuts plain.

Lemon Curd and Mas­car­pone

Gen­tly fold to­gether 150 grams mas­car­pone with ½ cup lemon curd.

Lemon Glaze

Stir to­gether 1 cup of ic­ing sugar with a lit­tle lemon juice un­til thick and smooth.

Choco­late Ganache

Heat 150ml cream then add 100 grams chopped dark choco­late. Stir un­til smooth, then cool. Top with chopped pis­ta­chios.

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