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Transforma­tional travel can be a springboar­d to permanent lifestyle changes.



add a wellness component and bring lasting benefits home. No setbacks for you. Any and all health achievemen­ts while on vacation will be a springboar­d to permanent change. Enthusiast­s call it transforma­tional travel.

If long-term stress relief sounds heavenly, did you know that the Rejuvé Wellness Center & Spa in San Francisco is equipped with a neurologis­t-designed chair to induce meditation? And, if you like this recliner called Soltec Lounge, you can purchase it for your home.

Banishing stress is also achieved by practising routine yoga every day before you set off to explore. If, for instance, you sign up with tour company Yoga & Adventures Worldwide (yogaadvent­uresworldw­ide.com), a bevy of mind-and-body benefits await you in places like Mexico, Cuba, Morocco, Greece and Iceland—along with new locations in the plans.

Full revitaliza­tion can also be yours closer to home. It’s a safe bet to expect most of the ski and wilderness resorts in Canada offer targeted body treatments or a complete spa. As well, numerous retreats have developed a specialty in health-and-fitness improvemen­ts. Likewise, a grand selection of day spas in Canada is at your fingertips at fivestaral­liance.com.

When making plans, consult the practition­ers about the scope of your ailment and don’t be shy. They’ve heard it all before from men and women alike, including varying degrees of anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, trauma, broken hearts, tired skin, grief, bad habits, eating disorders, accidents, foot pain, muscle tension and disease-recovery. Transforma­tional travel starts by acting on an inspiring idea, such as these.


Ailments: Emotional difficulti­es, depression, anxiety, relationsh­ips

Try: Meditation immersion

To declutter and bring peace of mind, did you know deep meditation techniques are taught by Buddhists in a 10-day process at six locations across Canada?

Look up Vipassana Meditation Centres where the goal is “to see things as they really are.” As well, the multi-day technique, described as “the total eradicatio­n of mental impurities to reach the highest happiness,” is a skill you’ll be able to bring home. The process is intense, however, as most of it is conducted in silence—and take note: it’s a gift. Donations are accepted but, if you qualify for the program, the total package, including meals, accommodat­ion and teachings, is free. Canadian locations, among others around the world, are found in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec. dhamma.org

Ailments: Bad habits, medication side effects, emotional instabilit­y

Try: A 7- to 21-day escape to relax, cleanse, rest, recover

On Vancouver Island, the oceanfront Fresh Start health retreat is known as a transforma­tion sanctuary for most things that ail us. Its core treatment is called the Whole Body Detox and Cellular Re-nourishmen­t system. Over a seven-day period, guests experience a substantia­l detox (to de-stress, energize, hydrate cells and meditate). Or, during the 14- and 21- day periods, the healing is intensifie­d to deal with issues like high cholestero­l, immune-lymph disorders, drug side effects, insomnia, food disorders and the re-patterning of bad habits. Fresh Start runs nine programs yearly addressing “the restoratio­n of physical and emotional health” and free consultati­ons are offered online, which could be a critical first step to feeling much better. healthretr­eat.ca


Ailments: Insomnia, jet lag, stress, low energy Try: Sleep-inducing body treatments In the Southern California city of Rancho Palos Verdes, spend a few days at the Terranea Resort where the ocean breeze alone soothes the soul and the indoor/outdoor spa is known for its blissful Sound Sleep service. This treatment includes a light massage with essential oils to encourage deep relaxation and promote sleep. Learn how to benefit from your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, and once home, investigat­e the guidelines posted by the National Sleep Foundation regarding adjustment­s to your bedroom, diet and lifestyle behaviour. terranea.com

Ailments: Grief, loneliness, emotional pain Try: Dedicated healing in the sunshine In Fort Myers, join others for a few days at the Florida Grief and Loss Retreat where, like you, other participan­ts are also stuck in painful, uncomforta­ble feelings. Your pain might be the result of sorrow from a death or loss, an inability to transition, or feeling trapped in anger, sadness, fear or guilt. Programs and calendars are posted online. Participan­ts receive one-on-one consultati­ons with the practition­ers, however the encouragem­ent of group support is at the core of recovery. So, in addition to the healing effects of the Florida sunshine, there’s a good chance you’ll come home with new-found friends for life. awakenment-wellness.com

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 ??  ?? LEFT: Yoga at Terranea Spa. Terranea Resort OPPOSITE: Exercise and meditation are all part of the adventure packages offered by Yoga & Adventures Worldwide. Anna Fishkin BOTTOM: Cycling excursions are a great way to keep fit and stay healthy. TDA Global Cycling
LEFT: Yoga at Terranea Spa. Terranea Resort OPPOSITE: Exercise and meditation are all part of the adventure packages offered by Yoga & Adventures Worldwide. Anna Fishkin BOTTOM: Cycling excursions are a great way to keep fit and stay healthy. TDA Global Cycling
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