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UPON SEEING 18-YEAR-OLD Colin James perform back in the 1980s, guitar and blues music legend Stevie Ray Vaughan knew then James had the chops to become a talented and award-winning musician. Having Stevie Ray Vaughan (killed tragically in 1990 in a helicopter accident) as a mentor meant a lot to James and he regrets Vaughan never had a chance to hear him later in his career as he honed his musical skills.

James, 54, born and raised in Regina, Saskatchew­an, had parents who instilled in him a love for music. James released his first album in 1988 although he had played in bands since his early teens. In fall 2018, James released his 19th album, Miles to Go, a sequel to his critically acclaimed Blue Highways album and an homage to blues legends including Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Blind Willie Johnson.

Never affixed to a particular music genre, James instead keeps fans guessing as he roams the musical landscape for elements of blues, swing, rock, big band and other influences he may happen upon. Nowadays success is measured differentl­y than in his youth. “Success for me is making sure I’m putting out good, high-quality records— trying to get better at what I do. I think all of us still want to write that one ballad that makes people cry. The ultimate goal is to really connect.”

James has had many highlights in his career from performing for Queen Elizabeth II in Saskatchew­an, appearing on David Letterman and Conan O’brien and playing with music legends such as Carlos Santana, Keith Richards and many more. James has won six Juno Awards along with 17 nomination­s, and in 2013, he was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame.

Performing live on stage has always struck the most responsive chord for James and his fans but his most important fans are his wife Heather and their kids, Deghan and Ryland. Their Victorian-style home in North Vancouver keeps him grounded and provides stability—a challenge for any musician. James hits the road again in spring 2019 on a Canadian tour for his latest album. His passions include travelling wherever he can be in tune with his music, fans and Canadian roots.

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