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Air Canada (aircanada.com) offers non-stop service from Toronto to Tokyo. In Tokyo, we stayed at the Keio Plaza Hotel (keioplaza.com) across from the most popular shopping and entertainm­ent spots in Shinjuku.

For informatio­n on the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Japan, visit: tokyo2020.org/ en/games/sport/olympic/ and tokyo2020.org/en/games/sport/paralympic/.

A new travel brochure introducin­g a rich variety of hands-on experience­s within seven categories (tradition, outdoors, cuisine, cities, nature, art and relaxation) is found at: asset.japan.travel/image/upload/v156351963­0/pdf/100experie­ncesinjapa­n.pdf.

A compendium of Japan’s most interestin­g modern art museums, art events, public facilities, commercial buildings and more is found at: partners-pamph.jnto.go.jp/simg/pamph/969.pdf.

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