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“Fish should swim three times: in the sea, olive oil and wine.”

–Croatian Proverb

From north to south along the Adriatic coast, although the cuisine might be Mediterran­ean in style, thanks to tradition and terroir it is unmistakab­ly Croatian.

Throughout Split and Hvar, an abundance of fresh fish and seafood, most notably octopus, is on the menu.

Originatin­g in Dalmatia, Salata od hobotnice is chilled octopus salad in garlicy vinaigrett­e with parsley and potatoes. There are risotto dishes, including Crni rižot, a black risotto, which is a renowned Croatian dish sourced from cuttlefish or squid doused in its dark ink. There are fresh pastas with roasted chestnuts, drizzled with peppery local extra-virgin olive oil, or those liberal shavings of Istrian white truffles.

During the fall season, Istarski Tartuf, or Istrian truffle, is shaved and sprinkled over everything from steak to scrambled eggs.

Not to be missed, Paški sir is a very special aged sheep’s milk cheese from the Adriatic island of Pag while pršut is Istrian ham that’s rubbed with Croatian sea salt, smoked, and dry-cured, served thinly sliced.

There’s also Velebit honey from the Dalmatian meadows packed with nuts, the green walnut liqueur known as Orahovac—and, of course, some of the finest wines anywhere.

“Dobar tek!” Good appetite!

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