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The Tal­bots romantic re­treat

You may or may not have heard of Preda­tor Ridge, if you’re me you’ve heard of it, my wife, (no in­ter­est in golf) not so much. Now there is an­other rea­son to add Preda­tor Ridge to your travel-log, and it may just get your wife fully in­vested. Sparkling Hill Re­sort is not just a Swarovski adorned ho­tel with 180 de­gree sweep­ing lake and moun­tain views, as if that weren’t enough to peak your in­ter­est, the re­sort is so much more.

Re­becca and I have been “mov­ing” for a cou­ple of months now. With the ups and downs and is­sues con­stantly need­ing to be dealt with sur­round­ing our home reno, spend­ing qual­ity time to­gether, other than choos­ing fin­ish­ings, takes a back­seat. The op­por­tu­nity to get away from it all and re­con­nect was a big rea­son why we booked the grand­par­ents on kid-duty for the week­end and took a road trip to the Okana­gan.

We’d heard about Sparkling Hill be­fore the need to visit pre­sented it­self. They tout them­selves as a full-body wellness ex­pe­ri­ence. There are yoga classes, ther­a­pists on site and 40,000 square feet of spa ameni­ties to be en­joyed. Each room comes equipped with a built in starry sky to match the one that will present it­self out­side your win­dow dur­ing Euro­pean spa hour, as well as bath robes and slip­pers that one may don at ar­rival and lounge in for the du­ra­tion of his/her stay. In fact din­ing for break­fast in robes is rec­om­mended which means you can do one of my fa­vorite things, roll out of bed straight into your morn­ing cup of cof­fee with­out a sec­ond thought.

The high­light of our stay was our treat­ment in the Cryo Cold Cham­ber at the Kurspa. There was a lot of talk lead­ing up to our af­ter­noon ap­point­ment on our sec­ond day. Pa­trons who had al­ready ex­pe­ri­enced it told us it was “fun” while shak­ing their heads, oth­ers laughed and said it was crazy. Our at­ten­dant, Paul, com­pared it to bungee jump­ing, to which, I thought, I would never go bungee jump­ing! But Paul’s as­sis­tant, who watches from

the out­side of the cham­ber and an­nounces the half­way point, was much more ‘real’ about it. The gist of it is, it’s not an en­joy­able ex­pe­ri­ence but you can do it.

Mul­ti­ple treat­ments over time are said to heal in­juries and af­flic­tions like arthri­tis as well as pos­si­bly al­le­vi­ate sleep­ing is­sues. But the main thing for Re­becca and I to get out of our one-time visit was an adrenalin rush and a boost in en­ergy post-treat­ment. I was sec­ond-guess­ing sign­ing up for it un­til I learned that Paul is in there with clients ten times a day. He’s spent those three and half min­utes on the in­side thou­sands of times. Well then, we could do it once. And now that we have- I can rec­om­mend it.

The rest of our stay was just heav­enly re­lax­ation and in­dul­gent cou­ple-time bliss. The op­tions of aro­mas and tem­per­a­tures in the saunas and steam rooms make one feel like a kid in a candy store, the in­fin­ity pool is pic­turesque, the seren­ity room- even more pic­turesque, the food is great and the rooms are roomy with enough space for two in a crys­tal-shaped soaker tub. And if your wife is re­luc­tant to share tub time at first, there are many other crys­tal-shaped adorn­ments avail­able in the on-site Swarovski re­tailer that are bribewor­thy and may make your nights at the Sparkling Hill Re­sort truly the most ex­cit­ing part of your stay.

Wink, wink.

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