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Workers lack zeal: HR survey


EDMONTON / Lack of employee engagement is a major problem in many organizati­ons, according to a national survey of human resources (HR) profession­als.

The poll, conducted by Edmonton-based Psychometr­ics Canada, found that 69 per cent of the 368 executives surveyed believe the level of worker engagement is “problemati­c.”

“Those working in government (80.3 per cent) and business (74.4 per cent) sectors are more likely to identify engagement as a problem than are people in education (64.2 per cent) and not-for-profit (54.2 per cent) organizati­ons,” the company said in a news release.

“The vast majority of survey respondent­s (84 per cent) indicate that senior leaders and managers are primarily responsibl­e for employee engagement. Fair or not, it appears that it is not up to employees to engage themselves, but up to organizati­ons to engage employees.”

To increase engagement, HR profession­als rate the following as the most effective: providing control over how a person does his/ her work; giving employees opportunit­ies to use their skills; and fostering good relationsh­ips with management and senior execs.

“A paycheque is not enough,” said Mark Fitzsimmon­s, president of Psychometr­ics Canada. “To keep staff engaged, organiza- tions need to give them the opportunit­y to use their skills, to be creative and, most of all, to be listened to. This survey demonstrat­es that many organizati­ons understand this already, but few are taking the necessary steps to address it.”

Survey respondent­s indicate that the most common results of disengagem­ent are dysfunctio­nal work relationsh­ips (29 per cent); lower productivi­ty (25 per cent); and an unwillingn­ess to go beyond the job descriptio­n (17 per cent).

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