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Quebec City arena gets green light


QUEBEC – Quebec City’s mayor made it offcial Sunday, announcing that the constructi­on of a much-anticipate­d $400-million Nhl-calibre hockey arena will kicko in September.

The city and the province of Quebec will, as planned, split the cost of building the 18,000-seat arena by 2015.

Mayor Regis Labeaume also announced a final agreement was reached before the March 31 deadline with media giant Quebecor to manage the building, which could serve as the future home of a profession­al hockey team.

“The city is closer than it has ever been to its dream,” said Labeaume, in reference to the city’s and Quebecor’s efforts to bring back an NHL team.

Quebec lost the Nordiques in 1995 when the team moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche.

Quebec City council approved recently a $7-million refurbishm­ent of the city’s aging Colisee, built in 1949, if an NHL team is approved before the new arena is built.

Sunday’s announceme­nt comes as the future of the Phoenix Coyotes is uncertain.

Quebec City, Seattle and Kansas City could be considered as potential homes by the NHL if the league decides to move the team from Arizona.

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