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Top 5 New Year’s resolution­s you can keep


NEW YEAR’S resolution­s help us to refocus on what is most beneficial for our health and happiness. They are meant to help us, not cause stress, so why not make realistic resolution­s you can keep?

• Take time for yourself. You spend a lot of time and energy caring for others and that’s great! It’s also important to allow yourself to do what is best for you now and again. Ask for help with things that cause you stress, reconnect with friends, take time to just relax or for a hobby you enjoy.

• Add more activity to your life. You don’t have to commit to an intense fitness program to add more activity in your life. Even engaging in a little more physical activity can help reduce stress and do wonders for your physical health. Go for more walks, join a water aerobics class or try yoga.

• Become tech savvy. Seniors are the fastest growing demographi­c on social media. Learn how to use these sites and connect with love ones. Swap photos with your grandkids, stay up-todate with family happenings, and use a web cam for face-to-face chats with relatives that live far away.

• Eat for a healthier you. Take time to plan healthy meals, eat more fresh foods, and swap nutritious recipes with friends and family. A healthy diet will help manage your weight, increase your energy lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporos­is.

• Have more fun! Laughing is the best stress reliever. Take a break from regular life and do something fun! Have a dinner party, eat lunch in the park, or treat yourself to a concert. Whatever you resolve for 2015, keep it realistic and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier you!

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