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Chris Pine dares to be Charming


NEW YORK — The truth is Chris Pine likes to be dared. When the opportunit­y arrived to try out for the Into the Woods comic role of Prince Charming, he graciously accepted the invitation and won the part. Certainly, Pine has comedy chops, most recently showcased as the Horrible Bosses 2 kidnap victim. He would venture to say that his Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series has a wit about him, too.

And prince? He was the royal love interest opposite Anne Hathaway in 2004’s The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

His ability to sing may have been one of his best-kept secrets, although the 34-year-old says he grew up with music around him.

“I remember my family always used to play the Phantom of the Opera record when I was a kid,” says Pine during an exclusive oneon-one interview with Postmedia News. “But I didn’t have much knowledge or experience with musical theatre before this.” Q: So how did you become Prince Charming? A: I was doing press for Star Trek (Into Darkness) in New York, and they asked me if I wanted to do an Into the Woods audition for (director) Rob Marshall, and I didn’t even know what Into the Woods was. Q: Did have confidence in your singing voice? A: I knew I could sing well enough that I wouldn’t be embarrasse­d at karaoke, but it’s a whole other thing when you do this piece. Q: Were you nervous at the audition? A: Rob (Marshall) was really nice, but I had to get a song together in a night so I jumped into it without thinking. Q: Did you go back for another tryout? A: Within a day I found out I got it, so I was off to the races and started studying (voice) almost immediatel­y. Q: Did you have fun shaping your prince? A: The clarity of the writing helped a lot; the prince has to represent an ideal. But I also wanted him to be a bit buffoonish. His hair is too big and his posture is too much. Q: Is he post-modern? A: I kind of view my (prince) as the perfect symbol of today’s “selfie” generation. He’s an unfettered narcissist. Q: Did you push the limits of comedy? A: I had to trust Rob (Marshall) with tone so I took it as far as I could go, and gave him some choices. It’s a good reminder to me that film acting is really a cut-and-paste kind of thing with different ideas selected by the director. Q: Is comedy a 2014 priority for you with Horrible Bosses 2 and now Into the Woods? A: It seems, where I am in my life, that I am attracted to the lighter side, although that’s not all together true. Still, there is so much darkness in the world that I would rather spend the day laughing. Q Even the Star Trek movies have laughs. When do you return as Captain Kirk in the third Star Trek? A: I haven’t read the script. I’ve heard that it’s out there somewhere. We, as the actors, for better or for worse, are the last people to see said script.

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