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Urban mixes family, fans for New Year’s

Country legend bringing Nicole Kidman, kids to Niagara Falls gig

- NICK PATCH The Canadian Press

TORONTO — A gig used to be Keith Urban’s only New Year’s Eve tradition — then he married Nicole Kidman, and a new ritual emerged.

“I’ve certainly had a few where it’s been just us with family, or just Nic and I,” he said. “We’ve had a couple of those. Actually, probably, I wonder since I’ve been married I haven’t worked on New Year’s Eve? I think that’s probably right.

“I think I worked most of the time on New Year’s Eve before I was married.”

Urban will be fusing his New Year’s Eve traditions by both performing in Niagara Falls, Ont., and spending time with his wife and family, who will make the trip to Canada with him.

Also part of the lineup for ET Canada’s New Year’s Eve on Global are Nick Jonas, electro-pop songwriter Lights and Vine sensation Shawn Mendes.

With the holiday gig approachin­g, Urban, 47, talked to The Canadian Press. Q: I grew up not far from Niagara Falls, so probably took it for granted. You were on the other side of the world. Were the Falls something that interested you? A: Yeah. I’ve been there a couple times. I mean, it’s magnificen­t. But I can relate to what you say. I think that’s common for most people to not deeply appreciate where they’re raised until they see it from a different perspectiv­e. Q: How was celebratin­g different at home? A: Well one of the great things growing up in Australia is of course it’s summer down there, and New Year’s Eve is always an outdoor thing. And specifical­ly Sydney, where ... the fireworks on the water are just spectacula­r. Q: Are you familiar with any of the other artists performing with you? A: We love Jealous, the new Nick Jonas single. Like, totally love that song. I think my wife turned me on to that one. Shawn Mendes, I don’t know. So that’ll be a first. Q: American Idol is coming back soon, and you’re judging again with Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. It must be nice to have some stability there? A: Very. It’s much easier to get that groove on and have it be consistent. I really love working with Harry and Jen at the desk. We come at it from different places and yet there’s really good synergy. Q: Do you miss Randy Jackson? A: Yeah. I talk to him occasional­ly and email him and keep up with where he is. He was in London the last time I emailed him. But you know, I do think that Scott Borchetta coming in has been a tremendous addition. Q: You were a special guest at a Rolling Stones concert (in L.A. in 2013). What was the experience like? A: Oh, phenomenal. It’s hard to describe that one. Surreal, obviously. I just wish it was a longer song, really. Mick picks a two-and-a-half minute song (Respectabl­e) and it’s like, bummer, I wish we could have chosen Sympathy for the Devil or something a little bit longer.

You know, I had met Mick a couple times. My wife and L’Wren Scott had been friends for like 20 years, so that’s how Mick and I met, was through my wife and his partner. So the whole thing was quite organic.

The great thing was getting to rehearsals ... and there’s all the boys up there running through all the songs for the show. Their ferocity, particular­ly Mick’s, it’s really matchless. He’s one of the great, great frontmen of all time, and to be inches away from him singing on the same mike, was a really surreal experience.

 ?? DAN STEINBERG/ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ?? Keith Urban is bringing his wife Nicole Kidman and family to Niagara Falls, where he’s performing on New Year’s Eve.
DAN STEINBERG/ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Keith Urban is bringing his wife Nicole Kidman and family to Niagara Falls, where he’s performing on New Year’s Eve.

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