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Spruce Grove- St. Albert

Brendon Greene, Green party

Age: 28

Occupation: Music teacher

Reason for running: “I grew up in my riding and I am passionate about citizen engagement ... I want to get young voters out to the polls and, being 28, I feel I am able to reach out to a younger generation …”

Top priorities: Introduce a corporate tax increase and progressiv­e tax system. Abandon the newly introduced healthcare levy, fees and fines. Invest in municipal infrastruc­ture, education, health care and seniors care. Invest in renewable energy. Phase out coal production by 2030, replace it with renewable power, improved efficiency, small-scale cogenerati­on, demand management, and natural-gas peaking capacity.

Website: www.greenparty­ofalberta.ca

Gary Hanna, Alberta party

Age: 48

Occupation: High school biology teacher

Reason for running: “Alberta deserves better management than we’ve had over the last 44 years. The PC party began under (Peter) Lougheed with great intentions, and delivered on most of their promises. Every government since has caused a slow but steady decline in the province’s fabric.”

Top priorities: Implement a progressiv­e income tax, increase oil royalties and raise corporate tax to deal with Alberta’s revenue and infrastruc­ture deficits. Sustainabl­e, consistent and adequate funding for optimal class sizes for our students. Supports for seniors such as quality public home care, affordable long-term and assisted-living facilities.

Website: www.albertapar­ty.ca

Trevor Horne, NDP

Age: 24

Occupation: Customer service representa­tive

Reason for running: “I believe Rachel Notley and the NDP provide leadership on the priorities important to families. New Democrats will stop the PCs’ deep cuts to health care, education and seniors care. We’ll help create jobs and protect the services families depend on.”

Top priorities: Reward job creators with targeted tax credits and reward businesses that process our resources here at home. Invest in local schools, provide stable, adequate K-12 funding, roll back school fees and create a school lunch program. Invest in hospital repairs and front-line care, cut emergency wait times and provide more long-term care beds.

Website: www.albertandp.ca/trevorhorn­e

Reg Lukasik, Liberal

Age: 66

Occupation: Retired professor, commercial and military pilot

Reason for running: “We value honesty and integrity and expect our politician­s to be empathetic and accountabl­e. As a leader in the military, aviation, and the academic world, I believe people matter, and if elected I promise to listen, care, and act on your concerns.”

Top priorities: Create a health-care system which represents excellence and value for money spent. Alberta Health must be accountabl­e for wait times, delayed surgeries and treatments, and employment practices. Build responsive education systems that meet Alberta students’ and families’ needs. Plan now to deal with the challenge of the baby boom, with a compassion­ate heart, and optimistic view and plan.

Website: www.albertalib­eral.com/reg_lukasik

Rus Matichuk, PC

Age: 51

Occupation: President of Sumex Capital

Reason for running: “I want to work with community members, business leaders and government partners to build on the success we have had in Spruce Grove-St. Albert, and Alberta. We live in one of the fastest-growing regions and we need to ensure that it will remain the best place for people to live and work. …”

Top priorities: Create jobs and ensure children are prepared to enter an innovative workforce. Efficient, effective, accountabl­e and transparen­t government. Health care that meets the needs of seniors and those with disabiliti­es so everyone has a meaningful, productive role.

Website: RusMatichu­k.pcalberta.com

Jaye Walter, Wildrose

Age: 36

Occupation: Certified financial planner

Reason for running: “I have been frustrated at the incompeten­ce, questionab­le ethics and sense of entitlemen­t exhibited by the PC government. I became interested in public service through volunteer work at municipal, provincial and federal elections. I joined the Wildrose Party because it provided the perfect fit with my values of honest, grassroots democracy. It’s time for a change in Alberta’s direction, and I want to be part of this change.”

Top priorities: Represent constituen­ts. Participat­e in the Wildrose commitment to honest, transparen­t and good government. Ensure that Spruce Grove-St. Albert continues to be the best place to live.

Website: sprucegrov­e-stalbert. wildrose.ca/jaye_walter

Stony Plain

Erin Babcock, NDP

Age: 34

Occupation: Licensed practical nurse

Reason for running: “As a licensed practical nurse, I have seen our health system eroded; hospitals have been left overcrowde­d and without enough nurses and front-line staff. The NDP will invest in hospitals and front-line staff and stand up for what matters to families, like creating jobs and protecting health care, education and seniors care.”

Top priorities: Invest in hospital repair and front-line care, cut emergency wait times and provide more long-term care beds. Invest in local schools, provide stable and adequate K-12 funding, roll back school fees and create a school lunch program. Reward job creators with targeted tax credits and reward businesses that process resources here.

Website: www.albertandp.ca/erinbabcoc­k

Matt Burnett, Green party

Age: 33

Occupation: Plumber

Reason for running: “I believe the Green party is the most important party in Alberta. We stand for honesty, integrity, and the responsibl­e stewardshi­p of our environmen­t.”

Top priorities: Create jobs in renewable energy, establish a government subsidy or interestfr­ee loan for consumer-grade solar and wind installati­ons, and increase the feed-in tariff to reduce consumers’ power bills. Strike a citizens assembly to determine the best proportion­al representa­tion system for Albertans and put it to referendum. Adopt an environmen­tal bill of rights.

Website: www.greenparty­ofalberta.ca

Mike Hanlon, Liberal

Age: 54

Occupation: Mediator

Reason for running: “I believe the role of government is to listen and to represent all sectors of society, not to dictate the will of those powerful, privileged few. I am a husband, educator, teacher, counsellor, principal, community member, conflict manager, bullying prevention advocate, servant leader and former police officer.”

Top priorities: Elected officials are the de facto voices of their communitie­s to government, and listening must be the first skill an elected official possesses. Proper sustainabl­e funding for education that benefits students, parents, educators and our communitie­s.

Efficient health care delivery with a focus on wellness education.

Website: mike4stony­plain.nationbuil­der.com

Ken Lemke, PC

Age: 63

Occupation: Politician

Reason for running: “My experience and knowledge of policy and operations has led to responsive leadership, open dialogue and accountabi­lity. …”

Top priorities: Financial leadership and spending restraint to fulfil the province’s 10-year plan, coupled with investment in infrastruc­ture such as roadwork on Highway 779 and 628. Valuing people, families, and a safe, healthy society, including through enhanced service for the Stony Plain Hospital. Building capacity for aging in place, home-care, longterm care, and safety …

Website: kenlemke.pcalberta.com

Kathy Rondeau, Wildrose

Age: 51

Occupation: Managing director, learning and developmen­t analyst

Reason for running: “I believe in grassroots democracy. I believe that you work with the people in your community to understand the challenges and hear unique solutions to those challenges.”

Top priorities: Ensure unique education choices meet children’s needs and parents can choose which education system their child attends. Overhaul the health-care system so it’s about patients served and not dollars spent. Bring back trust and integrity to the relationsh­ip between taxpayer and government.

Website: wildrosest­onyplain.nationbuil­der.com/ kathy_rondeau

Sandy Simmie, Alberta party

Age: 64

Occupation: Retired entreprene­ur

Reason for running: “I want to be part of a solution to make Alberta a better place for our children, grandchild­ren, seniors, the vulnerable and the marginaliz­ed. We need a government where, and I quote another source, ‘people come together and no one gets left behind.’”

Top priorities: Repair and reform major systems through consistent funding of public education with no school fees, improved public health care and seniors care, and a fully implemente­d and monitored poverty-reduction and prevention strategy. Diversify the economy and implement a progressiv­e income tax. Implement and monitor a sustainabl­e energy strategy and renewable energy policy.

Website: www.albertapar­ty.ca

 ??  ??
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Brendon Greene, Green party
Brendon Greene, Green party
 ??  ?? Gary Hanna, Alberta Party
Gary Hanna, Alberta Party
 ??  ?? Trevor Horne, NDP
Trevor Horne, NDP
 ??  ?? Erin Babcock, NDP
Erin Babcock, NDP
 ??  ?? Matt Burnett, Green party
Matt Burnett, Green party
 ??  ?? Mike Hanlon, Liberal
Mike Hanlon, Liberal
 ??  ?? Reg Lukasik, Liberal
Reg Lukasik, Liberal
 ??  ?? Rus Matichuk, PC
Rus Matichuk, PC
 ??  ?? Jaye Walter, Wildrose
Jaye Walter, Wildrose
 ??  ?? Ken Lemke, PC
Ken Lemke, PC
 ??  ?? Kathy Rondeau, Wildrose
Kathy Rondeau, Wildrose
 ??  ?? Sandy Simmie, Alberta Party
Sandy Simmie, Alberta Party

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