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Enjoy view in one-way mirror


Our current financial situation has less to do with slumping oil prices and the long-suffering taxpayer and more to do with the incompeten­ce of an arrogant, inept, feckless PC government which has clung to power for almost half a century.

In light of the draconian budget recently brought down, it’s readily apparent why PC Leader Jim Prentice first had to rid himself of any opposition. The nefarious backroom deal that saw most of the Wildrose defect was a masterstro­ke of strategy; well played. Is it any wonder most voters are so cynical toward politician­s and apathetic about politics? (Hello, Danielle Smith.)

Prentice’s moribund, outof-touch government is bereft of the moral authority, ethics or integrity to govern any longer.

What possible survey would find that nearly 60 per cent of the populace was willing to pay higher taxes on most basic public services to cover off the shortfall of government bungling?

I can’t decide which is more pathetic — the feeble attempts to convince us these increases are for our own good or the support Prentice still enjoys from the low-informatio­n sycophants sure to vote PC again.

Enjoy the view out your one-way mirror, Jim. It will be changing soon.

Wes Letawsky, Colinton

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