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Don’t repeat errors of past


Most current Alberta problems were caused by Ralph Klein, who as premier cut everything, built nothing, and set back health, education and infrastruc­ture to the extent we are still digging out today, and at much higher material and labour cost.

Sadly, leader Brian Jean and his Wildrose appear to want to repeat Klein’s slash-andburn policies. In seeking to repeal last month’s tax increases in the budget, they’ll effectivel­y reinstate Klein’s flat tax that hit seniors and lower and middle-income Albertans while giving a huge tax cut to the wealthy.

Wildrose is also the only party that does not recognize that Alberta must increase revenue streams to help us avoid cutting everything and building nothing whenever oil prices go down.

Jean and his Wildrose want to repeat the errors of the past. We need a party with forward-thinking policies that takes us off the “boom and bust” cycle.

Gordon Steele, Edmonton

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