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Where will fans of Grey’s go now?

Details on season finale remain shrouded in secrecy


Grey’s Anatomy Airs ABC in the U.S. In Canada, airs on CTV Two this Thursday; returns to CTV next week.

Last week, Grey’s Anatomy fans were gobsmacked when Patrick Dempsey’s character Dr. Derek Shepherd died on an operating table.

The man lovingly referred to as Dr. McDreamy had tended to four people in one car accident before being hit by a truck in another.

And, says cast member Caterina Scorsone, the adrenalin will keep pumping until the medical drama’s season finale on May 14. The official synopsis teases about “an unfathomab­le crisis,” but what exactly happens in the episode remains under wraps.

“I actually don’t know what’s happening in the finale — we’re all just gossiping about it on set. And I think not even the writers know,” Scorsone says. “(Creator Shonda Rhimes) knows, but most of the rest of us have to be very patient. It is big. The whole end of the season is huge.”

Grey’s Anatomy is capping off 11 seasons on the air — but the ABC/ CTV series can still conjure headlines with major disasters, weddings and high-profile cast changes.

Last week’s episode grabbed 9.55 million U.S. viewers, the most since this season’s première in September, and 1.7 million viewers in Canada. Scorsone’s character, Derek’s sister Dr. Amelia Shepherd, has found out the hard way that life isn’t all smiles and scrubs.

Amelia made her debut in the Grey’s spinoff Private Practice in 2010, and of late has been trying to forge a romantic relationsh­ip with her boss, Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).

“Amelia has had so many tragic things happen in her life. She’s lost so many people — her father, her best friend, the father of her baby, her baby, Mark Sloan — all of these people who were very important to her,” the Toronto native says.

“I think probably the biggest obstacle for her relationsh­ip with Owen is a) her feelings of protective­ness for him and not wanting him to follow in the path of the people she’s loved before, and b) her willingnes­s to expose herself to that kind of potential pain again.”

Following the death of her brother Derek, that might be more difficult. Or it could be the push she needs to lean on Owen more. You never know in ShondaLand, Rhimes’s production company that’s also responsibl­e for the ABC hits Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder.

“I’m constantly amazed at what the writing team and Shonda come up with, and I’ve reached a point where I just have total faith in their capacity to present material that is challengin­g and touches on areas in the character’s psychology that haven’t been touched before,” Scorsone says.

In the final few episodes of the season, viewers will see how the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital process Derek’s death and how Derek’s wife Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) deals with life as a widow and single mom of two.

A possible clue? This Thursday’s instalment is titled She’s Leaving Home and will run two hours. New face Joe Adler (The Maze Runner, The Mentalist) will also appear in the last two episodes.

“There are so many reasons why Grey’s Anatomy works. It’s a pretty tight structure, but on top of that I think Shonda Rhimes is a master at creating characters. She creates such depth and so many layers to the characters on these shows that they become real to us,” says Scorsone.

“These people have become our friends. You don’t look at your friends and go, ‘Well we’ve been friends for five years. Let’s call it a day.’ We’ve forged a real relationsh­ip with these people and that just continues.”

 ?? MITCHELL HAASETH/ABC ?? Actor Caterina Scorsone, left, says the cast of Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t know any of the details about the upcoming season finale.
MITCHELL HAASETH/ABC Actor Caterina Scorsone, left, says the cast of Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t know any of the details about the upcoming season finale.

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