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‘Worst deadbeat’ dad flees, owes $1.7M


HALIFAX — One of the “worst deadbeat” fathers in Canadian history has been sentenced to four years in prison and handed a massive fine for defying a Nova Scotia court order to pay child and spousal support arrears.

But Vrege Armoyan, a Nova Scotia businessma­n and developer, may never serve a day or pay a dime of the $384,000 fine because he has fled Canada for an undisclose­d country in the Middle East. Armoyan failed to appear in a Halifax court on Friday even though a judge directed him to be there in an order.

Family Court Judge Theresa Forgeron said Armoyan’s “defiance spanned many years” and he owes a “shameful amount of arrears” racked up in a deliberate plan to hide money and to avoid paying support for his three children, ages 20, 18 and 15.

“His children struggle to survive while Mr. Armoyan has millions of dollars,” said Forgeron in handing down the sentence and fine.

Armoyan’s ex-wife joined the hearing via telephone from Florida where she and her three children live.

“On the scale of deadbeats it’s probably the worst deadbeat that I could imagine in any family law case,” said her Toronto family lawyer, Harold Niman.

The total arrears amount to $1,714,684.04. In addition, Armoyan also owes just over $1 million in court costs.

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