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Let waterfall flow again


Is there no one person or company willing to take on the challenge of keeping alive the Great Divide Waterfall over the High Level Bridge? What a shame that city council decided in April 2014 to pull the plug on the landmark, which operated between 1980 and 2009.

Now that the bridge is shining each and every night, it would be fantastic to see the waterfall come alive again on those Sunday nights of the long weekend and special occasions.

While I understand some of the challenges that resulted in the taps being turned off, we also have innovative and world-class local companies such as Stantec, Epcor and PCL that together should be able to find a working solution that’s affordable, environmen­tally responsibl­e and respectful of the piece of public art that this is.

As we prepare to celebrate Canada Day, let’s find a way to turn on the taps and keep the water flowing.

John D. Stobbe, Edmonton

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