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Let’s heed Mother Earth


Re: “Common ground for church and state,” Editorial, June 24 This states succinctly Pope Francis’ position and that of New York Times columnist Ross Douthat on the dichotomy between “dynamists” and “catastroph­ists.”

The Social Gospel is as old as Christiani­ty and Islam, and it is only the distortion­s of the above that have led to Crusades and jihads. Premier Rachel Notley has taken a page from the father of medicare, Tommy Douglas, and the late former premier Peter Lougheed: Do not exploit our non-renewable resources — coal, oil, oilsands and timber — as rapidly as possible. Rather, go slowly, carefully and heed Mother Earth.

But especially, diversify the Alberta economy and care for the most vulnerable, children and the elderly.

M. Katz , St. Albert

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