Edmonton Journal

Merely tip of the iceberg


Re: “Del Mastro sent to jail for election-law violation,” June 26 I feel no pity for former Conservati­ve MP Dean Del Mastro being led away in handcuffs and leg shackles.

To gain short-term political advantage, he broke the election rules, then tried to hide his actions with falsehoods and nastiness. His disregard for the democratic process is only the tip of the Harper Conservati­ves’ iceberg, where deceit and character assassinat­ion are the norm for anyone disagreein­g with their actions — from the Supreme Court of Canada all the way down to Frank Hall, who blew the whistle on Del Mastro.

I hope Health Minister and local MP Rona Ambrose will express her outrage at the actions and activities of her fellow Conservati­ves as strongly as she did against a recent Supreme Court decision regarding medical marijuana.

Peter Crown, Edmonton

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