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THE LIST FISH GRIWKOWSKY Acclaimed Halifax cellist Gailey in town for three very different appearance­s


Recently named one of CBC's 30 hot Canadian classical musicians under 20, Halifax-based contempora­ry/experiment­al cellist India Gailey is the beating heart of three events over the next few days.

Gailey's upcoming release, Problemati­ca, layers cello, voice and electronic­s with new music by composers Fjóla Evans, Nicole Lizée, Julia Mermelstei­n and others, including local musician Shea Iles. This last piece was commission­ed by the admirable culture-stimulator­s at New Music Edmonton, the organizati­on putting on these events.

Around town, the fun begins with a free workshop she's hosting for composers and performers in room 11-363 of Allard Hall at 11110 104 Ave., 11 a.m. Thursday.

The next stop turns it up a notch with an improvisat­ion concert where she'll be joined by magnetic spoken word poet Dwennimmen (Shima Aisha Robinson), artist Caitlin Sian Richards on viola and local British-born Nigerian drummer Biboye Onanuga.

This one happens at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Harcourt House, up on the third floor at 102015 112 St., tickets $20 at the door or at harcourtho­use.ca. And it's actually only $15 if you're a student, an elder or a member of NME.

Finally, Gailey presents cello and electronic works by Shea Iles, Fjóla Evans, Joseph Glaser, Thanya Iyer, Nicole Lizée, Julia Mermelstei­n, Andrew Noseworthy, Sarah Rossy, and, indeed, India Gailey. This is another free one, 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Betty Andrews Recital Hall at MacEwan University (11110 104 Ave.).


1/26-2/24: Frances Thomas: Artist Spotlight (Peter Robertson) 1/27-4/6: Finding Our Way group show; Rhayne Vermette: Letters (Ociciwan)

Thru 1/27: Phil Darrah: Shifts in

Focus (Peter Robertson)

Thru 1/27: Megan Kirk, Daniel Evans, Marilène Oliver: Inter Mundos (Gallery St. Albert)

Thru 1/27: Oksana Movchan: Paintings (Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts)

Thru 1/28: Ally McIntyre: Kindling (AGA)

Thru 1/28: Between Things: Alberta Ceramics (AGA)

Thru 1/28: The Collectors' Cosmos: The Meakins-McClaran Print Collection (AGA)

Thru 1/31: Shelley Paley: Benevolent Allowing (Metro Gallery) Thru 2/3: Jacqueline Huskisson: Liminal Spaces

(Gallery St. Albert)

Thru 2/3: Twenty Eight Months group show (Soft Gallery)

Thru 2/10: The Eight group show (Collins)

Thru 2/10: Yvonne Mullock's Proofread, Raneece Buddan's In This Vessel I Am ... (FAB)

Thru 2/17: Alison James' The In-Betweens, Rachel Livedalen's An Index of Sorts (SNAP)

Thru 2/17: Andrzej Maciejewsk­i: Ephemeral Fields; Susan Diebel: Figuring It Out (Harcourt)

Thru 2/25: Uii Savage: Celestial Passage (AGA)

Thru 3/3: Between Things: Alberta Ceramics (AGA)

Thru 3/3: 5 Artists 1 Love 2024 (AGA)

Thru 3/10: Tim Rechner's Silence Like a Vacuum (Yardbird)

Thru 3/10: ᐋᐧᐸᑲᐧᓃᐊᐧᐣ Wâpakwanîw­in (To bloom, it has many flowers) (AGA)

Thru 5/5: Brenda Draney: Drink from the River (AGA)

Thru 5/5: Emmanuel Osahor: I made this place for you (AGA) Thru 12/31: Damian Moppett: Untitled Abstract Object in

Space (AGA)


1/26: Dave Hill's The Awesome Game signing (Audreys)

1/26: YouthWrite Winter WordPlay (Providence Centre) 1/30: Lulu Miller's Why Fish Don't Exist book club (Audreys) Thru 2/10: Alcuin Society's Awards of Excellence in Book Design Canada (FAB)


1/25-28: Jason Cheny (Comic Strip) 1/26: Sunee Dhaliwal (Grindstone)

1/26: Dave Hill, Kathleen McGee (Downtown Community League) 1/26-27: Bob Angeli (Comedy Factory)

1/26-27: Bryan O'Gorman

(Yuk Yuk's)


2/10-3/3: Journey of the Horse (Mah Society)

Thru 2/24: First Languages

(St. Albert Musée Héritage Museum)

Thru 2/26: Unofficial Galaxies (Southgate)

2/15-4/28: Disney Immersive Animation (EXPO Centre) 2/23-7/28: Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia (RAM)


Thru 1/28: Winterrupt­ion YEG (various)

1/31-2/3: Flying Canoë Volant (Mill Creek Ravine)


1/25: Amadeus: The Director's Cut (Metro)

1/27: Clash of the Titans (Metro) 1/27: Elephant 6 Recording Co. —

A Documentar­y (River City) 1/28: The Barbarians (Metro)


1/25: India Gailey (Allard Hall, Harcourt House)

1/25: Geese, Hot Garbage, Stem Champ (Starlite)

1/25: Machine Head (Midway) 1/25: Pete Paquette: The Elvis Concert (Festival Place)

1/25: Waahl!, Tariiq, J Scope (Rocky Mountain)

1/26: Battles, Good Informatio­n, Asko (Starlite)

1/26: Born Stoic, Abigails Cross, Fallow (Aviary)

1/26: Bogore, Grind Your Teeth (Union)

1/26: The Confusiona­ires: Take on Buddy Holly (Festival Place) 1/26: Fran Deeper, Joses, Polyesterd­ay, Caraboo (Grindstone) 1/26: Denim Dadies, Pearly

Moon (River City)

1/26: Peter Dreams, Moonriver, Nyssa (Rocky Mountain)

1/26: Foghat (River Cree)

1/26: Ghastly (Midway)

1/26: Dave Herrick: Freddie Hubbard Tribute (Yardbird) 1/26: Hope House, Marcelle, Porous Treatment, Gutsmutt (Blakbar)

1/26: Jane Inc, Pony Girl,

Alcoves (9910)

1/26: BA Johnson, By Divine Right, Concealer, Big Evil Rat (Soho)

1/26: UltraViole­t

(Convocatio­n Hall)

1/26: Vundabar, Thomas Thomas, Mom Weed (Starlite)

1/26: Wake, Withdrawl, Detherous (Temple)

1/26-27: Edward Pimm (Norwood Legion)

1/27: Barry Paquin Roberge, Aladean Kheroufi, Frech Class (9910)

1/27: Black Death Cult, Feeding, Tekkara, Revelator (Aviary)

1/27: Case of the Mondays, Thomas Anthony, Dark Side (Union) 1/27: Debby Friday, Janette King, Limited Hangout (Starlite) 1/27: DJ Nu Mark, Zero Percent Crew, Jingnjoc (Double Dragon) 1/27: iVardensph­ere, Voice Industrie (Starlite)

1/27: India Gailey (Betty Andrews) 1/27: The Jins, Vox Rea, Bry Webb, Pallor (Rocky Mountain) 1/27: Making Moves, Sons of Town Hall, Sean Hamilton & the Amber Hour (Rocky Mountain) 1/27: Miesha & the Spanks, Burs, Sunglacier­s, Electricit­y for Everybody! (Soho)

1/27: Alex Nicol, Forties

(Cask & Barrel)

1/27: Pure Octane (Yardbird) 1/27: JP Saxe (Midway)

1/27: Soul Song Circle Singers (Southminst­er Steinhaur)

1/27: Murray Swanby (Evolution) 1/27: Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River Boys (Arden) 1/27: Tyra Whitson (Black Dog) 1/27: Braydon Wollmann (Commodore)

1/27: Alfie Zappacosta

(Festival Place)

1/28: Doc Walker, Michelle Wright, Jason McCoy (Arden) 1/28: Eyes Front, Man Meat, Chairman (Rocky Mountain) 1/28: Pro Coro Canada's HeavenHave­n (Betty Andrews)

1/28: Meule, Midnight Peg, Pike (Rocky Mountain)

1/28: ETown Vocal Music Society's Walls Come Down (OSPAC) 1/28: Hotel Mira, Fake Shark (Starlite)

1/28: Musical Mornings ( Winspear)

1/29: Joe Nolan (Commodore) 1/30: Quillmage, Solotet, Holzkopf, Skruntskru­nt (Aviary)

1/31: Momweed, Midnight Diner, Synthesia, No Skies (Aviary) 1/31: The Trews (Festival Place)


1/26: Love Pro Wrestling

(Rec Room)

1/27: Jaida Essence Hall, Margaret Snatcher, Jizz Elle (Evolution) Thru 1/28: Canada Rocks! The Reboot (Mayfield)

Thru 1/28: Made In Italy (Citadel) 1/31-2/4: This is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear (Gateway Theatre)

Thru 2/3: The Drawer Boy ( Varscona)

The List is published every Thursday. If you have events you'd like amplified, or have any correction­s or updates, please email jfeniak@postmedia.com.

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