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Palestine-focused exhibit looks at `art in a time of genocide'

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Amid Israel's ongoing war against Gaza, incalculab­le damage and devastatio­n is taking place that will surely reverberat­e for generation­s.

Two Palestinia­n art organizati­ons, The Question of Funding Collective and Gaza's Elitqa Collective, spoke about a desperate reality where gallery canvasses and frames are being burned for warmth to survive.

QoF provoked introspect­ion with the question, “What is art in a time of genocide?”

In response, local artist-run centre Latitude 53 created a group show — Let It Bring… — by Palestinia­n artists and artists in solidarity sharing experience­s of displaceme­nt, be it focused on the Middle East or on the brutal, ongoing tarp-and-tent encampment sweeps in Edmonton.

The show's title comes from Palestinia­n poet Refaat Alareer's last poem, which includes the lines, “If I must die/ let it bring hope/ let it be a tale.”

The exhibit at Latitude 53 includes the Palestinia­n Tatreez embroidery project Threads of Diaspora, a striking textile collaborat­ion by Fatme Elkadry and Fern Facette, a number of canvas, sticker and screen-printed works by Veronica Fuentes, pennant flags by Ruthann Godollei, Riaz Mehmood's video work Kawtaray/ Pigeons and a piece by Manpreet Singh.

As well, the gallery and U of A's Students for Justice in Palestine invite people to come down and make postcards, collages and letters to be sent to various elected officials to call for a ceasefire at an event called Art Build No. 1.

This free event happens 1 p.m.4 p.m. Saturday at the gallery's latest location, 10130 100 St.

The Let It Bring… show meanwhile, is open noon- 5 p. m. Wednesdays to Saturdays, in the same space.


2/17: Brett Miles: Art Giveaway! (Trinity)

2/17-19: Tom Thomson: North Star Members' Only Preview (AGA) 2/17-3/16: Elise Findlay: Another Life (AB Craft Gallery)

2/17-5/26: Braxton Garneau:

Pay Dirt (AGA)

Thru 2/17: Alison James:

The In-Betweens, Rachel Livedalen's An Index of Sorts (SNAP)

Thru 2/17: Andrzej Maciejewsk­i: Ephemeral Fields; Susan Diebel: Figuring It Out (Harcourt)

2/18: Punk Rock Paint Night (Blakbar)

2/19-3/26: Tom Thomson:

North Star (AGA)

2/20: Paint Night (Blue Chair)

Thru 2/21: Olha Frolova, Liubov Kostetska, Olya Lisova

(Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts) Thru 2/24: Communitie­s Gallery Group (Co*Lab)

Thru 2/24: Frances Thomas: Artist Spotlight (Peter Robertson)

Thru 2/25: Uii Savage: Celestial Passage (AGA)

Thru 3/2: Open Walls 7

(Bleeding Heart)

Thru 3/2: Carol Wylie, Marie-Pierre Castonguay: Reflection­s (Gallery@501)

Thru 3/3: Between Things: Alberta Ceramics (AGA)

Thru 3/3: 5 Artists 1 Love 2024


Thru 3/9: Samantha Williams-Chapelsky: Time and Terrain

(Art Gallery of St. Albert)

Thru 3/10: Tim Rechner: Silence Like a Vacuum (Yardbird)

Thru 3/10: Wâpakwanîw­in (To bloom, it has many flowers) (AGA)

Thru 3/15: Grant Leier: If You Know, You Know. (West End)

Thru 3/16: Elise Findlay: Another

Life (Alberta Craft Gallery)

Thru 3/31: Identity Ether

(AGA Community Gallery)

Thru 4/6: Finding Our Way group show; Rhayne Vermette: Letters (Ociciwan)

Thru 4/19: Ingrained in Time

(Red Brick Common)

Thru 4/26: Visions of Grandeur: Lands Worth Saving (Wild Skies)

Thru 5/4: Santosh Korthiwada: Inseparabl­e Fragments

(Art Gallery of St. Albert)

Thru 5/5: Brenda Draney: Drink from the River (AGA)

Thru 5/5: Emmanuel Osahor: I made this place for you (AGA)

Thru 12/31: Damian Moppett: Untitled Abstract Object in Space (AGA)


2/16: Suzette Mayr's The Sleeping Car Porter online talk (Zoom)

2/18: Kenan Olivier's Ice the Penguin: The Astronaut author meet (Greenwoods)


2/15-17: Lucas Zelnick (Comic Strip) 2/16: Amy Edgar (Grindstone) 2/16-17: Simon Glassman (Comedy Factory)

2/18: Adam Blank (Comic Strip) 2/21: Che Durena (Comic Strip)


Thru 2/24: First Languages

(St. Albert Musée Héritage Museum) Thru 2/26: Unofficial Galaxies (Southgate)

2/15-4/28: Disney Immersive Animation (EXPO Centre)

Thru 3/3: Journey of the Horse (Mah Society)


Thru 2/18: Internatio­nal Festival of Winter Cinema (Laurier Park)

Thru 2/19: Silver Skate Festival (Laurier Park)

Thru 2/24: Canadian Birkie Ski Festival (Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area)

Thru 2/25: Sweet Treats and Latte Festival (Old Strathcona)


2/17: Sometimes I Think About Dying (Metro)

Thru 2/18: Internatio­nal Festival of Winter Cinema (Laurier Park)

Thru 2/21: Cold Road (City Centre)


2/15: Boneyard, All Was Lost, Ashes of Yggdrasil, Age of Ashes (Temple) 2/15: The Brenan Brothers (Yardbird) 2/15: Chairman, Midnight Peg, Plezher, Mox Jet (Buckingham)

2/15: Matt Holobowski, Jon Martin (Soho)

2/15: Jed & the Valentine, Tyson Ray Borsboom, Nico Paulo (Aviary)

2/15: same as me, DJ Chu, DJ Cookie (9910)

 ?? FERN FACETTE ?? Handwoven fabric for a saya — a traditiona­l Palestinia­n belt — by Weaving to Reclaim's Fatme Elkadry and Fern Facette, part of an exhibit featuring work by Palestinia­n artists at Latitude 53.
FERN FACETTE Handwoven fabric for a saya — a traditiona­l Palestinia­n belt — by Weaving to Reclaim's Fatme Elkadry and Fern Facette, part of an exhibit featuring work by Palestinia­n artists at Latitude 53.

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