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Success 5000's new album something to laugh about

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Laughter is a great foil for the fine line separating happy and sad moments. This is precisely the space Robyn Slack and Joshua Lee Coss occupy as the musical comedy duo known as Success 5000 and they're releasing a brand new album, Sad Forever, Sunday night at Grindstone Theatre.

“A couple years back I got sad and I stayed that way,” is the album's opening line and a telltale sign of the duo's brand of cynical and hilariousl­y absurd humour.

The Edmonton artists have toured the country together, performed at comedy festivals around North America and appeared on CBC's The Irrelevant Show. This is the duo's sixth album blending acoustic guitar and keys with upbeat sarcasm to create catchy tunes that, despite the slightly dark nature of the content, you can't help but laugh along to. For this reason, album content carries a PG-13 rating.

Success 5000 will have a full band backing them for Sunday's 7 p.m. show, which will include guest artists and sketch comedy by Michael Johnston and Marguerite Lawler.

Tickets start at $12 for students and $15 for general admission plus fees and taxes from showpass.com.


3/1-4/13: Eveline Kolijn: The Energy Futures Portfolio Project (Harcourt)

3/1-4/13: Luke Johnson: Farewell to the North (Do Not Apply Compressio­n Gently) (Harcourt)

3/2-12: Doreen Pagee: Earth and Sky (Trinity)

3/2-8/4: Dwayne Martineau: Boreal Fortress (AGA)

Thru 3/2: Open Walls 7 (Bleeding Heart)

Thru 3/ 2: Carol Wylie, Marie-Pierre Castonguay: Reflection­s (Gallery@501)

Thru 3/3: Between Things: Alberta Ceramics (AGA)

Thru 3/3: 5 Artists 1 Love 2024 (AGA)

Thru 3/ 9: Samantha Williams-Chapelsky: Time and Terrain (Art Gallery of St. Albert)

Thru 3/10: Tim Rechner: Silence Like a Vacuum (Yardbird)

Thru 3/10: Wâpakwanîw­in (To bloom, it has many flowers) (AGA)

Thru 3/15: Robyn Adams: Chalef changeant/Wolf Willow; Stephanie Rossi: Salutogeni­c Design (FAB)

Thru 3/15: Grant Leier: If You Know, You Know. (West End)

Thru 3/16: Elise Findlay: Another Life (AB Craft Gallery)

Thru 3/26: Tom Thomson: North Star (AGA)

Thru 3/31: Identity Ether (AGA Community Gallery)

Thru 4/6: Finding Our Way group show; Rhayne Vermette: Letters (Ociciwan)

Thru 4/19: Ingrained in Time (Red Brick Common)

Thru 4/26: Visions of Grandeur: Lands Worth Saving ( Wild Skies)

Thru 5/5: Brenda Draney: Drink from the River (AGA)

Thru 5/5: Emmanuel Osahor: I made this place for you (AGA) Thru 5/26: Braxton Garneau: Pay Dirt (AGA)

Thru 12/31: Damian Moppett: Untitled Abstract Object in Space (AGA)


3/ 1- 4/ 13: Reimaginin­g Fire: The Future of Energy (Harcourt House)

3/2: Domi's Let it Be a Tale: Poetry for Palestine (Felice)

3/5: Premee Mohamed: The Butcher of the Forest launch (Audreys)


2/29: Wayne Jones, Chris Borger (Grindstone)

3/2-3/3: Gianmarco Soresi (Comic Strip)

3/1-2: Kevin Christophe­r ( Yuk Yuk's)

3/1-2: Hannibal Thompson (Comedy Factory)

3/3: Success 5000's Sad Forever album release (Grindstone)


Thru 3/3: Journey of the Horse (Mah Society)

Thru 4/28: Disney Immersive Animation (EXPO Centre)

Thru 4/30: InFocus Photo Exhibit ( Various locations)

Thru 7/28: Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia (RAM)


2/29-3/10: SkirtsAfir­e Festival (various)

3/5-3/10: Sound Off: A Deaf Theatre Festival (Arts Barns)


3/3,5-6: 2024 Oscar-Nominated Short Films (Metro)


2/29: All Was Lost, Tartara, Velvet Concord, Tormentres­s (Starlite)

2/29: Alan Doyle (Jubilee)

2/29: Medical Pilot, Theo from Gob DJ set, Vargouille, Reform (Buckingham)

2/29: The Rekt Betties, Stonegate, The Heavys (Commercial)

2/29: Allison Russell (Festival Place)

3/ 1: Brkn Love, Royal Tusk (Union)

3/1: The Brothers Landreth (Festival Place)

3/1: JustPeople­Watching, Cole Merkowsky (Aviary)

3/1: Okan (Yardbird)

3/1: Psycho Circus: Circus of Light (Starlite)

3/1: Sam Roberts (Jubilee)

3/1: Rockford Stomp (Commercial)

3/1: Benjamin Williams (Blue Chair)

3/ 1,2: ESO's Gerschwin, By George! Rhapsody in Blue's 100th ( Winspear)

3/2: CMHA Throwback Dance Party w/ DJ Harman B (Union)

3/2: Flowshine, Sudden Love, Stella Johnson (Aviary)

3/2: Korora Choirs' Stories w/ Melanie DeMore ( West End Reformed)

3/2: RJ LeBlanc (Yardbird)

3/2: Justin Martin, Sooo Wet, Ceevs (Starlite)

3/2: Amy Van Keeken, Wilf Kozub, Smokey, Christine Hanson, Jamie Philp ( Westwood)

3/2: ZURGLIN, M4XW311, Deezy, Rumspringe­r (Grindstone)

3/3: Kim Cousineau: The Pianist (Holy Trinity)


2/29-3/10: Mermaid Legs (Gateway Theatre)

3/2: Bill Nye: The End is Nye (Jubilee)

3/ 2: Connection­s//Collisions Cabaret: Unveiling (MZD)

3/2-31: The Sound of Music (Citadel)

Thru 3/3: Rubaboo (Citadel)

3/6-7: Speaking Vibrations ( Westbury)

 ?? ?? Joshua Lee Coss, left, and Robyn Slack are the Edmonton-based musical comedy duo Success 5000.
Joshua Lee Coss, left, and Robyn Slack are the Edmonton-based musical comedy duo Success 5000.

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