Edmonton Journal

The New York Times Crossword No. 0203

- Edited by Will Shortz


1 What’s on the up and up? 7 A little smoke? 10 Economy-based calculatio­n, for short 13 College assignment 14 Classic symbol of purity and grace 16 Take an unplanned trip 17 Transmitte­r of audio programmes 18 Lets loose 19 Test drives 20 Endnote abbr. meaning “same as before” 21 Cries of shear terror? 22 Sir Georg who conducted 999 Chicago Symphony concerts 23 Aid in focusing 24 Economize 26 Off 27 “Whatevs” 28 Halley’s comet, to some 29 ___ steak, dish lightly seared on the outside and raw in the middle 31 What it’s not, in a saying 36 Keep one’s beginning goals modest 37 Issa who created “Awkward Black Girl” 38 Bring in 39 Licenses, perhaps 41 Victor’s crow 44 King Lear’s middle daughter 46 Cannabis with a high level of THC 47 Major street in New York City or New Orleans 49 Literary character whose name translates to “no one” 50 One way to wonder 51 Highlighte­rs, of sorts 53 Gently apply, as concealer 54 Pass on a wing and a prayer 55 Many cross words? 56 Like zombies and some loves 57 They’re not only human 58 Org. that checks what you don’t 59 Fiddle (with) 60 Feeds


1 Movie that’s not expected to be a blockbuste­r 2 Pucker precipitat­ors at a pub 3 Arrive with great hype 4 Roots 5 Common Scandinavi­an man’s name 6 Ball holder 7 Angular movement? 8 The emperor Túpac Amaru, for one 9 Ones running the world, per Beyoncé 10 Lunar ___ 11 Evidence in a criminal case, maybe 12 Greek word for “knowledge” 15 Panthers’ home 17 What it’s not, in a saying 19 Develop feelings for 21 Internal lie detector, so to speak 25 Compatriot 28 Vegetable that’s baked, fried or roasted 30 Cannabis product sometimes found in granola 32 In an intimate way, in a way 33 Third-grade groups? 34 horizon, Storm on maybe the 35 Certain clubhouse 40 It may leave you speechless 41 Fixture on a frozen lake 42 Actor Damon Sr. or Damon Jr. 43 People of the Iroquois Confederac­y


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