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Mr. Tarek Fatah suc­cinctly and elo­quently en­cap­su­lates the abuse of ‘tol­er­ance’ by the vi­cious in his Sun­day com­ment. Couldn’t hurt for peo­ple in gen­eral to lay off ra­bid prayers to the Almighty to cor­rect his ‘hu­man mis­takes’ by killing them — one-by-one or en masse. Seems to me all re­li­gions that have re­sorted to mas­sacre as an evan­ge­lism tool have found it pro­foundly un­pro­duc­tive spir­i­tu­ally. God ev­i­dently takes a very dim view of His works of art smash­ing up His other works of art. So un­nec­es­sary, too. I learn from a well-re­spected the­o­log­i­cal re­searcher that “the deathrate is one per per­son. We’re all gonna make it.” Sta­tis­tics ap­pear to back him up. So give it a rest, bullies.

G. PLECASH (Can’t we just get along?)

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