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Why? Why do the crowds that sit and lis­ten to (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau and his cronies give him, first of all, their time, their pa­tience, and worst of all, ap­plause? no one ques­tions him on Bill C-69 or re­ally rip on him on what he has suc­ceeded in do­ing to Al­berta, kill our oil­patch! Canada paid $4.5 bil­lion for a pipe­line he has no in­ten­tion of build­ing. We lose $80100 mil­lion a day and he is Ok with this ... and ap­par­ently we are, too, by our si­lence when­ever he shows up. Oh no, we take the high road and ap­plaud his Bs speech. Why did you not walk out? Why did you ap­plaud? He thinks you like and be­lieve him. We are the authors of our own des­tiny. I guess we could kill with kind­ness while he kills us with Bill C-69. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid we are. First (Premier rachel) notley, then Trudeau. Do you think cor­po­ra­tions would hire these two based on present/past per­for­mance? It sad­dens me that Al­berta was once a great, proud prov­ince, only to be killed by notley, her car­bon tax and the feds. sad but true, we did it to our­selves.

rick PATMORE (Not sure why he’d get any ap­plause in Cal­gary.)

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