Top Sex Pill in the US Gets Lon­gawaited Ap­proval in Canada

The highly an­tic­i­pated sex pill boosts sex­ual per­for­mance while re­vi­tal­iz­ing the ag­ing male body. No pre­scrip­tion will be re­quired for Cana­di­ans.

Edmonton Sun - - NEWS - By Dr. Steven Klay­man, DC

TORONTO: One of Amer­ica’s lead­ing sex pills is now ap­proved in Canada, giv­ing Cana­di­ans an equal op­por­tu­nity to en­joy the out­stound­ing re­sults ex­pe­ri­enced by their US coun­ter­parts. Sold un­der the brand name BH Testos­terone, the new pill was de­vel­oped specif­i­cally for ag­ing men, bol­ster­ing both phys­i­cal and sex­ual health. When taken just once daily, re­search shows it can in­crease red blood cell count, the cells re­spon­si­ble for oxy­genat­ing or­gans such as the brain, heart, and lungs. As oxy­gen lev­els in­crease, so does cel­lu­lar en­ergy, al­low­ing these or­gans to func­tion like they were years younger. Per­haps more im­por­tant, the pill also blocks the en­zyme in men which de­stroys testos­terone. The re­sult is higher lev­els of testos­terone in the blood stream which leads to ex­cit­ing changes in the bed­room in­clud­ing ex­cep­tional per­for­mance and a strong sex drive. “It’s wildly suc­cess­ful among Amer­i­cans and we ex­pect the same to hold true for Cana­di­ans” ex­plains a spokesper­son for the com­pany be­hind the pill. “With daily use, men can ex­pect their sex­ual per­for­mance to im­prove as well as key to health mark­ers such a strength, stamina, en­durance, mus­cle, and even choles­terol and triglyc­erides”, he adds.

An In­jec­tion-free, Pre­scrip­tion-free Al­ter­na­tive

Stud­ies show that as men get older, their testos­terone lev­els de­cline due to in­creased ac­tiv­ity of aro­matase – the nastylit­tle en­zyme which con­verts testos­terone into the fe­male hor­mone es­tro­gen. Over­time, as this en­zyme runs ram­pant, men ex­pe­ri­ence the side ef­fects of ac­cel­er­ated testos­terone loss (ATL) such as ex­haus­tion, mus­cle loss, fat gain and one sex­ual fail­ure af­ter an­other. Even worse, if testos­terone lev­els fall too low, life threat­en­ing con­di­tions can arise − obe­sity, metabolic syn­drome, di­a­betes, in­sulin re­sis­tance, high blood pres­sure and os­teo­poro­sis are among the most se­ri­ous. To com­bat these hor­rific side ef­fects, many men try pills like Vi­a­gra or Cialis, but since these op­tions do ab­so­lutely noth­ing for testos­terone, they of­ten fail. Then they look to syn­thetic testos­terone re­place­ment in the form of in­jec­tions, patches, and gels. But these al­ter­na­tives can over­whelm the body and carry a black la­bel for po­ten­tial se­ri­ous side ef­fects. That’s why BH Testos­terone has be­come so pop­u­lar with men in the states. The non-pre­scrip­tion pill tar­gets the aro­matase en­zyme and essen­tially makes it use­less, pre­serv­ing your testos­terone and re­viv­ing sex­ual health in the form of an amaz­ing drive, de­sire and per­for­mance. Ad­di­tional in­gre­di­ents in the for­mula help to boost red blood cell lev­els quickly, get­ting en­er­giz­ing-oxy­gen into ev­ery or­gan that needs it.

The Se­cret To Testos­terone & Male Vi­tal­ity

It’s al­most ironic that a phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pany would de­velop a drug-free al­ter­na­tive for men, but it’s true. The Cal­i­for­nia-based firm ex­plains they are fo­cused on OTC and con­sumer care prod­ucts for those look­ing for non-pre­scrip­tion al­ter­na­tives, like BH Testos­terone. The ac­tive in­gre­di­ent in the pill is a spe­cial plant-based ex­tract called eu­rycoma longi­fo­lia. Ac­cord­ing to the most re­cent stud­ies on the ex­tract, if con­cen­trated to the right amount, like in BH Testos­terone, it pre­vents the aro­matase en­zyme from de­stroy­ing your testos­terone, ul­ti­mately re­sult­ing in im­prove­ments in phys­i­cal and sex­ual health.

A Rush of Youth­ful Testos­terone

In a study pub­lished by the Na­tional In­sti­tutes of Health, men dos­ing with this ex­tract saw a stag­ger­ing 66.9% in­crease in free testos­terone in weeks. This ad­di­tional testos­terone led to an im­pres­sive 22% in­crease in mus­cle strength. And what was truly amaz­ing was that this strength came with­out work­ing out. Re­mark­ably, the study also found that these men also ex­pe­ri­enced a 56.7% de­crease in mus­cle de­te­ri­o­ra­tion. In lay­men terms, these kept their re­main­ing mus­cles for longer.

Un­ex­pected Bonus for Your Heart, Lungs, Joints, and Bones

The pro­pri­etary BH Testos­terone for­mula also brings on other out­stand­ing health changes, es­pe­cially within your cells, where every­thing starts. Ac­cord­ing to its cre­ators, its sec­ond ac­tive in­gre­di­ent has been shown to in­crease red blood cell counts in men. Re­search shows that red blood cells carry oxy­gen from the lungs to body tis­sues and car­bon diox­ide as a waste prod­uct, away from the tis­sues and back to the lungs. The in­crease in red blood cells and oxy­gen in your mus­cles re­sults in more blood flow and strength. It’s this cy­cle that also gives your or­gans the cel­lu­lar en­ergy they need to thrive and work at max­i­mum ef­fi­ciency.

An In­no­va­tive Sex and Health re­vi­tal­iz­ing Pill for Men

With daily use, BH Testos­terone users re­port re­mark­able im­prove­ments in their qual­ity of life with­out of the se­ri­ous side ef­fects or in­ter­ac­tions as­so­ci­ated with pre­scrip­tion drugs. Read­ers can now en­joy an en­tirely new level of phys­i­cal and sex­ual health that’s safer and more ef­fec­tive.

Risk Free Sup­ply for Lo­cal Read­ers Only

This is the of­fi­cial re­lease of BH Testos­terone. As such, the com­pany is of­fer­ing a spe­cial dis­counted sup­ply to any reader who calls within the next 48 hours. A spe­cial hot­line num­ber and dis­counted pric­ing has been cre­ated for all Cana­dian read­ers. Dis­counts will be avail­able start­ing today at 6:00AM and will au­to­mat­i­cally be ap­plied to all callers. Your Toll-free Hot­line num­ber is 1-800-769-0195 and will only be open for the next 48 hours. Only a lim­ited dis­counted sup­ply of BH Testos­terone is cur­rently avail­able in your re­gion. Con­sumers who miss out on our cur­rent prod­uct in­ven­tory will have to wait un­til more be­comes avail­able and that could take weeks. The com­pany ad­vises not to wait. Call 1-800-769-0195 today.

BET­TER SEX, BET­TER HEALTH: The devel­op­ers of BH Testos­terone, a Cal­i­for­ni­abased pharma com­pany, an­nounced its of­fi­cial re­lease in Canada. Read­ers are en­ti­tled to sub­stan­tial dis­counts dur­ing the in­tro pe­riod.

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