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I am pleased that the City will not be us­ing cal­cium chlo­ride on the roads this win­ter. I can­not help but be­lieve that the no­tion of hav­ing the roads down to bare pave­ment is an idea close to Mayor Ive­son’s heart. Edmonton would be­come a city of bi­cy­cles year round, do­ing away with those das­tardly cars, it seems, if he had his way. How­ever, his fore­cast of doom and gloom that he used to­day to try and dis­suade the vote is re­ally laugh­able. I have lived in Edmonton all my life and peo­ple have al­ways learned and man­aged to drive in all man­ner of win­ter con­di­tions. Af­ter all, we are a Win­ter City.

VAL Scoffield (Hope­fully peo­ple drive with care this win­ter.)


RE: “lilley: Scheer gets ag­gres­sive with Trudeau in de­bate punch-up.”

fi­nally An­drew Scheer showed what we have been wait­ing for, some fire in the belly. He had sev­eral good zingers that Trudeau’s only comeback was try­ing to talk over him. There was no point hav­ing the Bloc mem­ber or Mad Max at this de­bates, as both were only dis­trac­tions. With to many par­tic­i­pants and in­ter­rup­tions by the mod­er­a­tors, Cana­di­ans did not get a real chance to look closely at the only two who can be­come PM, Trudeau or Scheer.

LARRY COMEAU (It was quite the sad spec­ta­cle, re­ally.)


Hey, you re­li­gious cli­mate change be­liev­ers, Greta, May, Singh, Not­ley, Nen­shi and Trudeau: stop breath­ing and save planet Earth as you ex­hale 150% more car­bon diox­ide than you in­hale, you big pol­luters you! Also, an­other fac­toid you con­ve­niently won’t dis­cuss is the fact that our planet Earth was a lot warmer and the po­lar ice caps were a lot smaller when the di­nosaurs roamed the whole planet for 300 to 500 mil­lion years! Plus check out how wa­ter vapour com­pares to car­bon diox­ide when trap­ping heat, just ask NASA!

WIL­LIAM HARRIS (Ex­perts and many politi­cians agree that the sci­ence is set­tled on cli­mate change. Yet, there is still such doubt.)


The car­bon hypocrisy of our so-called green lead­ers never fails to as­tound me. Justin Trudeau, al­ways pranc­ing around the pro­gres­sive world stage, now has not one but two planes in the air. El­iz­a­beth May and Jag­meet Singh also fly. It’s in­ter­est­ing to note that while fly­ing may be nec­es­sary for cam­paign­ing, it’s not done in an ef­fi­cient way. Rather, they hop­scotch around the coun­try, east to west to north and then back again, cri­sis cross­ing mul­ti­ple times. Has it not crossed any of their en­vi­ron­men­tal minds that per­haps do­ing it in an or­derly fash­ion might have a lesser foot­print?


(It’s a farce.)


When the Soviet union col­lapsed in 1991, all their Com­mu­nist sup­port­ers didn’t just dis­ap­pear, they sim­ply re­branded them­selves as greens and en­vi­ron­men­tal­ists.

B. BRACE (Hmm, now that you men­tion it.)

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