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Check your di­ges­tive health, say Maryska Tay­lor and Rachel Cor­radetti, naturopathic doc­tors who founded Clinic In­trin­sic, a mo­bile naturopathic ser­vice. “You can’t grow lus­trous long hair if you aren’t ab­sorb­ing any of the nu­tri­ents needed to do so,” says Tay­lor. Gas­troin­testi­nal is­sues and an im­bal­ance of gut flora (which can arise from long-term use of painkillers and an­tibi­otics, re­spec­tively) can pre­vent nu­tri­ents from be­ing fully ab­sorbed by the body, says Cor­radetti. Tay­lor rec­om­mends fish oil to help quell in­flam­ma­tion and a bit­ter like gen­tian to stim­u­late stom­ach acid, which is needed to break down the pro­tein in food for more ef­fi­cient di­ges­tion. You may see changes in a month, but Cor­radetti ad­vises stick­ing with it for at least three.

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