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Walk This Way

Set a num­ber of steps you must take be­fore go­ing to bed. Like 10,000 a day. Cool down and get your fi­bre by adding

Meta to a Lemon­ade Chiller.

Di e Out Tip

Drink a Meta pow­der smoothie be­fore you dine out. It’ll make you feel full and help sup­press your ap­petite.*

Me a Mi er

Set re­minders in your cal­en­dar 15 min be­fore meal­time. That’ll en­sure you break out the Meta in time to dine.

Har ey’s S ooth e

5 al­monds, 1 red ap­ple, 1 ba­nana, 3/4 cup non­fat Greek yo­gurt, 1/2 cup non­fat milk,

1 tsp. Meta, 1/2 tsp. ground cin­na­mon

Call a Pal

If you need some mo­ti­va­tion to work out, call a friend. Ašer you work out, add Meta to your wa­ter. Re­hy­drate

and get a fi­bre boost.

A S ooth e S art

Break­fast kick-starts your me­tab­o­lism and helps keep you alert through­out the day. Rushed for time and look­ing for ways to get Meta? Try a Ba­nana- Or­ange Frosty with a scoop of Meta.

S o S art

Stud­ies show that snack­ing be­fore a gro­cery trip leads to less un­healthy food pur­chases. Why not get your fi­bre too?

Mix a smoothie, add Meta and go.

Eat Out Less

Home cooking will cut out ex­cess salt or flavour­ing condi­ments found in restau­rants. Add Meta to your din­ner bev­er­age for ex­tra fi­bre too.

Ki en C an Out

Purge your cab­i­nets of cook­ies, chips, and fatty meals. Move Meta from the medicine cabi­net to the kitchen, then stock up on fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains.

Oh, Mr. Sun

Get out and soak up some Vi­ta­min D for strong bones and a good mood. While you’re at it, add a scoop of Meta to your wa­ter bot­tle and get your fi­bre too.

Hel o H2O

Stay­ing hy­drated could help you from overeat­ing. It fills you up if you drink some be­fore a meal.

Even bet­ter, add Meta.

Mi d C a ger

Change your mind­set and you have the power to change your life. Want to add more fi­bre to your diet? Keep Meta at the of­fice and at home.

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