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Whether you swear by your daily horo­scope or you’re firmly on Team Skep­tic, our chat with the hugely pop­u­lar sis­ter as­trologers the Astro-Twins might shed some light on des­tiny, the mean­ing of life and other mi­nor ques­tions about the uni­verse.

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If my horo­scope says I’m go­ing to be a den­tist but my dream is to be a cir­cus per­former, am I locked into a des­tiny I didn’t choose? “It’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that astrol­ogy is an in­ter­pre­tive science, not an ex­act one. It’s not so much that you should be a den­tist or a cir­cus per­former—that choice is yours. But your sign (and your whole chart—a map of all the plan­ets at your time of birth) can dic­tate what kind of a den­tist or cir­cus per­former you’ll be. For ex­am­ple, a beauty-ori­ented Li­bra might fo­cus on cos­metic den­tistry, while a by-the-books Capri­corn den­tist would be the one you’d go to for a root canal.” If I’m map­ping out my plans for my “dream life,” what role can con­sult­ing the stars play in that plan­ning? “Most peo­ple know their Sun sign, which is what you read in news­pa­pers and mag­a­zines. But the birth chart is a map of all the plan­ets, plus the Moon and Sun, at your ex­act minute of birth. This is su­per-spe­cific—so much so that we, as twins (born four min­utes apart), have slightly dif­fer­ent charts. Your Moon sign di­rects your emo­tional de­sires, Saturn shows what you’ll work hard for, while the North Node of the Moon is your des­tiny point, re­veal­ing what might light you up in this life­time. See­ing the full cos­mic pic­ture is so il­lu­mi­nat­ing.” How can astrol­ogy play a role in liv­ing my “best life”? “No one is per­fect; in fact, we think we are all here on earth to evolve and learn. All change starts with aware­ness. We have to no­tice what’s work­ing and what might be trip­ping us up. Astrol­ogy can pro­vide the short code to that.”

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