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A hair-re­moval how-to guide for sum­mer.

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The Nat­u­ral

Best for Any­one. Down with those who de­mand we re­move any­thing. Pain level Nonex­is­tent, be­cause you’re hap­pily binge-watch­ing Bil­lions in­stead.


Best for Those who are wary of wax­ing but sick of shav­ing. Make it last You can’t. Depi­la­to­ries kill hair just be­low the root, so they don’t af­fect hair growth. Pro tip Depi­la­to­ries are ex­fo­liants, so feel free to ap­ply self-tan­ner about 24 hours af­ter. Pain level None, other than for your nose—it can get ir­ri­tated by the chem­i­cal smell (which com­pa­nies are get­ting bet­ter at con­ceal­ing). Note Do not use for DIY Brazil­ians or on moles, scars or bro­ken skin.


Best for Small sur­face ar­eas (i.e., the face) and fine hair (i.e., not the bikini), since thread­ing uses cot­ton thread to lift hair from the root, says Clau­dia Liera from Toronto’s Rit­ual Hair Skin Beauty. It’s also a great al­ter­na­tive for peo­ple who use retinol or Ac­cu­tane—th­ese sen­si­tize skin, mak­ing it more eas­ily ir­ri­tated by wax­ing. Pro tip Be­fore and af­ter, ask your aes­theti­cian to ap­ply sooth­ing and san­i­tiz­ing witch hazel. Pain level Com­pa­ra­ble to tweez­ing.


Best for When you swiped right and sud­denly have a date. Make it last Shav­ing cuts hair in­stead of pulling it out at the root. To avoid stub­ble five sec­onds af­ter you step out of the shower, “ex­fo­li­ate and rinse with warm wa­ter to re­move ex­cess oil and dirt be­fore shav­ing,” says Chris­tine Jew, brand man­ager for Schick. Pro tip A two-blade ra­zor does the job fine, says Dr. Renée Beach, a der­ma­tol­o­gist at Women’s Col­lege Hospi­tal in Toronto. Shav­ing cream, gel or oil will give you a closer shave; they are gen­tler on the skin than soap. Pain level If bore­dom is pain, then off the charts.


Best foR Lazy types who want to go hair­free longer. Make it last Hair should be the length of a grain of rice, says Lexi Miles, founder of the Waxon Waxbar chain. She rec­om­mends re­turn­ing at four- to six-week in­ter­vals. Con­tin­u­ally wax­ing hair at the same part of its growth cy­cle will help stunt its growth. Pro tips Strip wax—think Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Vir­gin— is great for arms and legs. For the bikini and armpits, Miles prefers hard wax, which har­dens on skin. It’s not as hot and won’t burn or lift skin. Look for sa­lons that use waxes with ti­ta­nium diox­ide, which re­duces red­ness, and mica, which grips hair. Pain level Un­avoid­able. Sched­ule your wax post-pe­riod; when it’s that time of the month, hor­monal changes make our bods more sen­si­tive to pain.


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