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1. WHAT Revlon Gold Se­ries Ti­ta­nium Coated™ Slant/Point Tweezer ($19.99). For de­tails, see Shop­ping Guide. W HEN “Grab the hair close to the base and pull in the di­rec­tion of its growth: side­ways for most of the brow but usu­ally ver­ti­cal for the in­ner brow,” says Ri­naldi. “Slanted tweez­ers are per­fect for this.”

2. WHAT Revlon Gold Se­ries Ti­ta­nium

Coated™ Point Tweezer ($17.99) W HEN These su­perfine pointed tweez­ers are best for pre­ci­sion work, like un­der the arch of the brow, and re­mov­ing in­grown hairs.

3. WHAT Revlon Gold Se­ries™

Slant Tweezer ($17.99) W HEN Take your groom­ing rou­tine from “meh” to Mariah Carey with these di­a­mond-par­ti­cle-coated (yes, di­a­mond) tweez­ers that have ex­cel­lent grip.

4. WHAT Revlon Gold Se­ries Ti­ta­nium Coated™ Lighted Slant Tweezer ($15.99) W HEN These durable tweez­ers are ti­ta­nium coated and have a built-in light so you never miss a hair (or, worse, grab too many of them).

1 For more on how to find your best brow shape, watch our tu­to­rial at Brows101.

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