RADAR Kin­dred spir­its, the Anne ofGreenGables re­make is here; a truly life-af­firm­ing cat doc; soul singer Va­lerie June drops by; a con­ver­sa­tion with the fur­ni­ture de­signer mak­ing us want to toss every­thing we own and buy every­thing she makes; get­ting tea

The two women be­hind the new Anne of Green Gables minis­eries on how they’re re­ally bet­ter to­gether.

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it’s a few days after the pro­duc­tion of CBC-TV’s new Anne of Green Gables adap­ta­tion wrapped and a few weeks be­fore the series goes out to the more than 190 coun­tries who’ll be watch­ing it via Net­flix, but showrun­ner/writer Moira Wal­ley-Beck­ett and ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Mi­randa de Pencier haven’t quite made it off the show’s Toronto set. In fact, our chat with the duo takes place at Matthew and Mar­illa’s farmhouse in front of the kitchen h

table and a stairway that on­screen leads up to Canada’s most beloved or­phan’s bed­room. This adap­ta­tion of L. M. Mont­gomery’s clas­sic story is the fruit of Wal­ley-Beck­ett and de Pencier’s shared labour, so, nat­u­rally, we had to get the se­cret to their suc­cess­ful part­ner­ship, start­ing with their dy­namic.... Moira Wal­ley-Beck­ett “I’m a night­mare!” Mi­randa de Pencier “Moira is a Scotch-drink­ing, ball-bust­ing, de­mand­ing showrun­ner—and that makes it way eas­ier to do my job. We’re very col­lab­o­ra­tive, but Moira has a very clear vision of what she wants, and when you have that, it means I can re­lax a lit­tle. It’s also ex­haust­ing be­cause she’s re­lent­less and won’t stop. Like she’ll call me at two in the morn­ing—” MWB “I’ve never called at two in the morn­ing!” MDP “Okay, mid­night or six in the morn­ing. She’ll say ‘Hey, I think we can do bet­ter with this scene’ or ‘How about this cos­tume?’ or ‘How about that one char­ac­ter?’ It’s al­ways liv­ing in her. When you’re work­ing with Moira, you don’t get week­ends.” MWB “I don’t get them. I have a pol­icy: I don’t ask peo­ple to do any­thing that I won’t do.” MDP “And the truth is, I’m the same way. I am su­per-de­mand­ing.” MWB “You are. And in­vested.” MDP “I’m su­per-in­vested, and I want it to be ex­cel­lent. We’re sim­i­lar in that way.” MWB “We have su­per-high stan­dards.” MDP “We don’t stop un­til it’s the best it can be. We care deeply. That’s what has kept us such a strong part­ner­ship: In the end, we share a pas­sion for the work.” MWB “No mat­ter how wrecked or ex­hausted I am, when I step onto the set, it’s awe­some.” MDP “Tele­vi­sion is not for the faint of heart. We are not sur­geons sav­ing lives; we are mak­ing a tele­vi­sion series. But within that, there are so many parts—it’s a train, and once it’s rolling, you can­not stop it.” MWB “It’s just the na­ture of the biz. And then you get to be on-set and you’re watch­ing a scene where Anne and Mar­illa are having a con­ver­sa­tion and some­thing re­ally beau­ti­ful and sim­ple is hap­pen­ing and you just go ‘That’s why we’re here.’”

Moira Wal­ley-Beck­ett and Mi­randa de Pencier with their Anne, Amy­beth McNulty

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