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There are days when you feel like Tess at the end of

Work­ing Girl... and then there are days when you feel like Tess at the be­gin­ning of Work­ing Girl. To stay fo­cused, jot down four suc­cesses (big or small, work-re­lated or per­sonal) at the end of each day, says Pamela Mitchell, au­thor of The

10 Laws of Ca­reer Rein­ven­tion. Our brains are wired to cross some­thing off and move on, but this will train it to take in your daily progress. “You have to build a new neu­ral path­way,” she says, adding that the ex­er­cise “also shows you how some­thing that you did maybe three weeks ago is pay­ing off to­day.” Which some­times is just the mo­ti­va­tion you need.

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