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Clear + Bril­liant is a resur­fac­ing laser— but don’t let the term put you off. While older laser tech­nol­ogy used to leave scab­bing that took weeks to re­cover from, new frac­tional tech­nol­ogy causes only mi­nor dry­ness and pink-toned skin that could last a few hours. “When Clear + Bril­liant came along, we were able to use laser en­er­gies and wave­lengths that made a mean­ing­ful change in sur­face col­la­gen and bright­en­ing with, re­ally, no down­time,” says Dr. Robert Ano­lik, a New York City-based der­ma­tol­o­gist. “Frac­tional-laser en­ergy touches the skin in a pix­e­lated way, like tiny dots on a screen, which leaves be­hind un­touched, healthy skin that al­lows for rapid heal­ing.”


A numb­ing cream is ap­plied to my skin for about 20 min­utes, and by the time Ano­lik re­turns to hand me a pair of pro­tec­tive glasses, I’m at The Weeknd lev­els of not be­ing able to feel my face. He runs the laser me­thod­i­cally across my skin, mak­ing ex­tra passes over dark spots; it’s prickly but not painful. Af­ter­wards, my face feels re­ally warm, but other than a bit of pink­ness, there’s no sign of what I’ve had done, so I’m able to put on a tinted mois­tur­izer and hit a busi­ness lunch within the hour. The next day, my skin has a sand­pa­pery tex­ture—a com­mon af­ter-ef­fect as dead skin cells rise to the sur­face. Af­ter a week, the glow is un­mis­tak­able. My skin looks more re­fined, even-toned and su­per-smooth (which is what makes it a must for those with acne scars or sun spots).


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