Show­ing kind­ness

Head­ing into a wed­ding alone is about as daunt­ing as that dream in which you show up to school late and naked, so try to save a solo guest some stress.


You’ve seen her: the one who sud­denly feels like her dress is too tight, squeez­ing the air from her lungs like a boa con­stric­tor and pre­vent­ing her from get­ting the breath needed to make small talk. I have walked through a cock­tail re­cep­tion with feigned pur­pose, pre­tend­ing to be look­ing

for my trea­sured friend who, con­ve­niently, must be just out of sight. I can rec­og­nize that girl any­where now: She is lean­ing on a tippy cock­tail ta­ble, fu­ri­ously pre­tend­ing to fire off emails that can’t pos­si­bly wait un­til morn­ing; she is stalling in the bath­room, brush­ing her glossy hair aim­lessly be­fore head­ing

back out into the fray; she is slyly eyeing ev­ery­one at the bar, won­der­ing who will be the one to strike up a con­ver­sa­tion and save her. She was me, and now I am her saviour. Will tonight be the night you be­come some­one’s hero? Will you go up to her and say hi and make her night?

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