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Not INTO biking? HERE ARE SOME other options.



Nothing is as instantly mood boosting as a dance party (even if it’s a solo one), and moving your body in a way that’s intuitive and natural to you is something that can be done with few to no barriers. Los Angeles-based dancer and choreograp­her Ryan Heffington has been hosting regular classes on Instagram Live for all levels of dancers, with lively music, creative moves and a cult following. There have even been some celebrity cameos, including P!nk, Margaret Qualley and Emma Stone. While many local dance studios are offering streamable alternativ­es to in-person lessons, mastering a simple TikTok dance can also put a spring in your step.


While we often equate mindfulnes­s with yoga, new research reveals the positive effects that working out with weights has on the brain. Resistance training challenges us to perfect our form and helps us gain a sense of mastery while distractin­g us from daily stressors. During a resistance-training workout, you use weights, gravity or your own body weight to create resistance while you do dynamic movements such as lunges, squats and planks to work your arm, leg and core muscles. If you’re new to this type of workout, there are plenty of apps, including Nike Training Club and FitOn (both free), that can guide you through a targeted routine from the comfort of your home, your backyard or a park.


It may seem obvious, but walking is one of the easiest ways to move, get outside and clear your head. Try taking a different route as often as possible, which challenges the brain to create new neural pathways and leads to better memory, cognitive function and emotional capacity. And if you find yourself needing more distractio­n to stay motivated, consider Apple Watch’s most recent innovation, “Time to Walk”—a weekly series of guided strolls by the likes of Dolly Parton, Uzo Aduba and Shawn Mendes. Each episode is shaped by the guest’s personal life-shaping moments and is recorded while they walk outdoors.

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