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To describe Charlotte Palermino, who co-founded Dieux Skin along with cosmetics chemist Joyce de Lemos and creative director Marta Freedman, as “passionate” would be an understate­ment. Whether she’s talking about Montreal (where she lived for six years before moving to New York) or Dieux Skin’s mission, her enthusiasm is contagious. “We want to make the beauty industry a positive place,” she says. “Instead of listing all the ingredient­s we’ve excluded from our products, we highlight those that are included and their skin benefits. We use our platforms to educate consumers, whether it’s about cosmetics-industry regulation­s, research certifying the effectiven­ess of our ingredient­s, ways of optimizing products at home or options available for reducing our environmen­tal footprint. We want to help them make better choices by giving them a better understand­ing of their skincare from A to Z.”

The first product they launched is a perfect example of this drive to do better: reusable eye patches to replace the disposable ones that end up in landfills. “The idea was to rethink a popular practice in a more sustainabl­e way,” explains Palermino. “Sheet masks work by forming a tight barrier that traps the serums they’ve been soaked in against the skin. Our reusable medical-grade-silicone patches harness this process to transform any skincare product in your beauty kit into an eye mask—except instead of being thrown out after use, they can be washed in warm water and soap and returned to their tin for future use. We say they can last up to one year because that’s how long we’ve tested them, but in all honesty, I’ve been using the same pair for two years.” While silicone isn’t biodegrada­ble, buying just one pair of patches significan­tly reduces the waste generated by this type of product and adds further uses to skincare products you already have at home.

This is what Palermino describes as “creating the best kind of waste possible.”

“I don’t want to say that our brand is sustainabl­e, because by selling something, we are supporting consumptio­n,” she says. “Our philosophy is to stay humble and constantly try to improve our practices. We do this by limiting unnecessar­y packaging, using recycled and recyclable materials and, above all, striving to change mindsets in order to have a real impact on sustainabi­lity in the industry.”

 ?? ?? Marta Freedman, Joyce de Lemos and Charlotte Palermino
Marta Freedman, Joyce de Lemos and Charlotte Palermino
 ?? ?? 1. Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask ($31.50). 2. Dieux Skin Awakening Hand Sanitizer ($25.50). dieuxskin.com
1. Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask ($31.50). 2. Dieux Skin Awakening Hand Sanitizer ($25.50). dieuxskin.com
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