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Actor CHARLIZE THERON opens up about where she’s at in her life, both profession­ally and personally.


WE ALL REMEMBER THE FAMOUS 2006 J’adore Dior campaign in which actor Charlize Theron confidentl­y undresses to a Marvin Gaye tune, tossing her diamond jewellery to the floor. More than 15 years—and many other iterations of the iconic fragrance—later, the Oscar-winning actor’s relationsh­ip with the French house is still going strong: She’s the face of J’adore Parfum d’Eau, the latest addition to the franchise. We caught up with the South African native, who is currently starring alongside Kerry Washington in the Netflix film The School for Good and Evil and has just finished filming The Old Guard 2 (set to release in 2023), to discover her beauty secrets and the little things in life that keep her glowing.

ON HER ROLE AS A MUSE FOR DIOR “Each new campaign over the years has brought so many great memories and experience­s. A lot has happened over the past decade and a half in my life—in my career, in my family—and Dior has been there with me every step of the way. Our relationsh­ip has evolved organicall­y as any strong, healthy relationsh­ip does. With the different iterations of products and messaging, we’ve gotten to take risks and experiment with exciting new ideas, and it’s been such an enjoyable ride to have this ever-changing creative relationsh­ip with Dior.”

ON HER CHARLIZE THERON AFRICA OUTREACH PROJECT FOUNDATION “The mission is to advance and invest in the health, education and safety of young people living in Southern Africa. One of the big shifts we’ve been making more recently is [that] we are broadening [the scope of] our work beyond HIV. We are supporting efforts in health, education and safety— in particular sexual and reproducti­ve health and rights as well as gender-based-violence prevention. We aim to move toward a more equitable future where all young people can stay healthy and safe.”

ON HOW HER RELATIONSH­IP WITH WELLNESS HAS EVOLVED “Beauty and wellness will always be something I’m interested in, but I have two kids, so my priorities have definitely shifted. I can’t spend as much time getting ready in the morning! After I drop my daughters off at school, I try to do yoga or sneak in a tennis lesson. Staying active helps me relax and recharge.”

ON HER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS “Sunscreen is a must for me! I also always make sure to put it on top of my Dior One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum and Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy Cream.”

ON THE BEST BEAUTY TIP SHE’S EVER RECEIVED “My hairstylis­t, Adir [Abergel], has taught me to never be afraid to take a beauty risk. I am currently sporting a dark mullet-like hairdo that took us months to perfect, and I must say I am happy with where we landed.”

ON HER MOST PRECIOUS OLFACTORY MEMORY “My earliest scent memory is smelling my mother’s perfume—it’s something that’s always stayed with me, and I always wanted to smell nice like her when I was a kid.”

ON WHAT INSPIRES HER “My daughters inspire me every day to be the best version of myself that I can be for them.”

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