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Through innovation­s like the Air Canada App and streamline­d baggage and customs screening, getting from A to B – and making your connecting flights in between – is easier than ever.



because we like to play matchmaker, helping our customers make connection­s. But, as with affairs of the heart, it’s complicate­d, and we continuous­ly work to refine the process.

Connecting traffic – customers whose routings involve two or more flights – accounts for approximat­ely a third of our business. Smooth connection­s make flying easy for our customers. They also let us attract global travellers to fill flights we could not fill with point-to-point traffic alone, allowing us to offer more frequencie­s and destinatio­ns.

Simplifyin­g connection­s is therefore crucial. This includes streamlini­ng steps and leveraging technology such as the Air Canada App, which provides useful details about layovers and more. At our Toronto global hub, we offer the Star Alliance Connection Service to help customers on Star Alliance itinerarie­s. We also partner with airports and government authoritie­s to improve signage, baggage handling and security.

A prime focus is internatio­nal traffic travelling from one country to another by connecting through Canada. Such traffic supports our global network and is increasing steadily, largely due to the ease of connection­s. Presently, customers transiting through Toronto or Vancouver need not pick up their bags, and can scan their passport at a kiosk rather than see a Canadian customs agent. This feature, coming to Montreal next, shaves about 25 minutes off connection times – a huge convenienc­e when you are looking to get to your next flight.

We are also working with our partners on internatio­nal-to-domestic connection­s. Our goal is to eliminate the requiremen­t for passengers to collect their baggage for customs inspection at the airport where they first land in Canada, only to have to recheck it for the flight to their final Canadian destinatio­n. Already, those arriving from the United States, U.K., European Union and Australia connecting onto domestic flights at Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal enjoy this double time-savings.

Ultimately, our aim is to be the first Canadian airline on which no one needs to retrieve their baggage while connecting. We are two-thirds of the way to this goal, which will be fantastic for customers, help Air Canada grow and attract visitors to our country. What’s not to love about that? ♦

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