“City Of Daugh­ters (vinyl reis­sue)” MERGE

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May 25. From lo-fi bed­room tyro to bona fide mas­ter of the rock al­bum, City of Daugh­ters (1998) fea­tures some of the first steps out of the demo-tapey ex­per­i­men­ta­tion of ear­lier record­ings, with songs like “Com­ments On The World As Will” re­fin­ing the sound of that stripped-down ear­lier work, and the sem­i­nal “No Cease Fires” of­fer­ing us the first taste of just what a full­band Destroyer might con­jure. 2000’s Thief nat­u­rally went fur­ther down that road, and from the open­ing strums of “The Tem­ple” to the arty quirk of “Queen of Lan­guages” to the gen­tle, jagged come­down of the ti­tle track, it soon be­came clear that Dan Be­jar was mas­ter of a sin­gu­lar songcraft-- and one that was only just get­ting started.

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