“Fudge Sand­wich” IN THE RED

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Out now. Take a tour through Ty Se­gall’s mu­si­cal psy­che with his new solo al­bum, Fudge Sand­wich, a col­lec­tion of Se­gall’s take on eleven songs that were orig­i­nally done by other peo­ple. These aren’t just cover ver­sions. Cover ver­sions hap­pen at wed­dings and high school band bat­tles. The songs here are what hap­pens when some­one loves a song so much, they need to get in­side it and let it prop­a­gate and trans­form into what it would have been if they had ac­tu­ally writ­ten it. Equal parts rev­er­ence and reimag­i­na­tion, this al­bum shows Se­gall in­hab­it­ing the world of a song’s in­tent, fil­ter­ing it through the muse that drove this year’s ex­cep­tional Free­dom’s Gob­lin. Clut­tered, pas­sion­ate and in­spired, the songs are barely rec­og­niz­able, ir­re­sistible and by al­bum’s end, present a co­he­sive col­lec­tion that stands proudly along­side the best of Se­gall’s con­sid­er­able

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