Infinite Granite

Infinite Granite is markedly less metal than previous Deafheaven releases, but they’ve retained their core qualities while straying further than ever from their original sound. Moving through momentous shoegaze and alt-rock, vocalist George Clarke has expanded his range, often singing with elongated feather-light words that flow with soothing colour. (Sargent House)

Standout track: “Villain”

Clarke’s vocals get their prettiest before leading into one of the album’s grandest choruses and the first hit of the Deafheaven that some are probably waiting for, as immense guitars blast skyward and black metal screams rip through.


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of their Project Goonda trilogy of EPs, The Serpent & the Tiger. The EP is a showcase of everything that makes Cartel Madras unique, presented in full force across 10 tracks. The duo, made up of sisters Eboshi and Contra, are really flexing their versatilit­y as artists on this project.

The myriad sounds they’ve explored throughout their discograph­y are present here, and often taken a step further. Those sounds range in everything from alt-rap, trap and drill to techno and house, with influences from punk and traditiona­l Tamil music coming through across their music. Originally hailing from Chennai, India, the duo have dubbed their eclectic sound “Goonda rap,” from a South Asian term for “gangster” or “thug.” And with this trilogy being the blueprint, goonda rap goes hard, especially on The Serpent & the Tiger.

Eboshi and Contra use everything in their toolbox as rappers on this EP. On “EBOSHI’S NEVADA,” Eboshi describes the heartbreak of a relationsh­ip ending, of taking things too far and not knowing how to say how she really feels, while “LAVENDER NIGHTZ” has verses from both sisters about overcoming insecuriti­es and getting past toxic people who try to keep you down.

The EP also features a trio of strong guest verses, the most notable of which being Backxwash’s appearance on “DEEPINTHEJ­UNGLE,” a heady alt-rap song that wouldn’t feel out of place on a JPEGMAFIA project.

Production-wise, The Serpent & the Tiger brings an impressive diversity of sounds across the 10 tracks to match Eboshi and Contra’s versatile spitting, with the help of a handful of producers including Dom Dias, Naphi and Jide. Ultimately, Cartel Madras bring more than enough energy, character and attitude to make The Serpent & the Tiger a must-listen. (Royal Mountain/Sub Pop)

R&B examines weighty themes like race and drug dependency — but more than anything, it explores the self. He sings with so much raw, cathartic emotion that even depraved sex jams sound downright soulful.

Just wait till you find out what “PTH” stands for. ( Universal)

Standout track: “Worldwide”

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