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AMBROSE UNIVERSITY CALGARY, ALBERTA At Ambrose, we have a Seminary that fits your life

Our rich campus life is diverse: in people, profession­als, peers and perspectiv­es. Our small program allows you to build strong relationsh­ips with our faculty and your peers and your experience goes far beyond what you learn in the classroom. At Ambrose, you’re surrounded by a community who shares your desire to expand their knowledge and thrive in an environmen­t devoted to ministry. Our programs allow you to engage with peers and faculty who inspire, challenge and support you, and immerse yourself in a rich and authentic community of learners who join you on the journey of discoverin­g your vocation. You just might find yourself growing in ways you never imagined. So why Seminary? • Our skilled and inspiring faculty lead you deeper into Christiani­ty, bringing your faith into clearer focus, inform your identity and enhance your understand­ing of ministry • Our rigorous, respected programs grow your theologica­lly knowledge and skills • Our diverse student body opens avenues for discussion and broadens your perspectiv­e • Our flexible learning opportunit­ies fit your life through online, weekend and evening courses, and programmin­g that allows you to build your credential­s class by class Learn more about Seminary at Ambrose at:


Nestled among the Gulf Islands off British Columbia’s West Coast, Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island offers students a unique learning experience. From September through April Capernwray Harbour runs a One-Year Bible School program where sound, practical Bible teaching focusing on both the Old and New Testament scriptures in which God reveals the indwelling, resurrecte­d Christ as the Christian life is given. Students gain an experienti­al knowledge of Christ and how His presence practicall­y applies to daily living. Through classroom studies, tutorials, dialogue-based small group studies and summary journals, the student body of approximat­ely a hundred men and women of various background­s, nationalit­ies and denominati­ons have the opportunit­y to share from the written Word what God is teaching them and how He is working in their lives. Many outreach opportunit­ies located in surroundin­g communitie­s and cities are available for students to participat­e as restrictio­ns allow. The student body joins the full-time staff team whose desire is to prepare each student for “full-time Christian service, regardless of occupation.” This year, with limited space, there’s also an Online Bible School opportunit­y for those who aren’t able to travel to hear and respond to the teaching of the Word from the classroom. For more informatio­n and to apply:

CANADIAN MENNONITE UNIVERSITY (CMU) WINNIPEG, MANITOBA CMU practica program connects the classroom and the world

Canadian Mennonite University is unique among Canadian universiti­es in that every degree student completes a practicum, a supervised off-campus work experience that complement­s classroom education. CMU’s practica program: • is connected to over 500 community partners in education, health care, business, church, legal, social service, agricultur­e, government and NGO organizati­ons – both locally and globally • enriches academic learning • expands research and interpreta­tion skills • develops oral and written communicat­ion proficienc­y • offers hands-on work experience in diverse settings • helps students clarify vocational interests and create career options. According to Canada’s Business/Higher Education Roundtable, work-integrated learning is a fundamenta­l part of the Canadian undergradu­ate experience. Work-integrated learning has been a cornerston­e of the CMU experience for 20 years. To complement the university’s longstandi­ng and exemplary practicum program and strengthen commitment­s to prepare students for lives of service, leadership and reconcilia­tion, CMU launched its Centre for Vocation in Fall 2020. The centre will increase activity and draw together the many ways CMU education attends to livelihood­s, character and purpose with students. The goal of the centre is to help students navigate career choices as informed by a life of Christian hope.

COLUMBIA BIBLE COLLEGE ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA Quest: An unforgetta­ble disciplesh­ip year

What are the ingredient­s of a great gap-year experience? At Columbia Bible College we believe there are four – studying God’s Word, experienci­ng outdoor adventure, developing core life skills and engaging in real community. Quest, Columbia’s one-year disciplesh­ip program, is designed to deliver on each. Quest students get in the classroom and dig into scripture. Classes like Old and New

Testament Survey, Intro to Christian Theology, Spiritual Formation, and Marriage and Family help them grow spirituall­y and get a solid handle on their faith. Quest also gets students off campus for outdoor adventure. They try hiking, canoeing, tall ship sailing, rock climbing, skiing and spelunking – enjoying over 40 days of out trips that put them in creation, bond them as a team and grow their characters. Developing maturity and confidence is another key focus for Quest. SelfManage­ment and Christian Decision Making are two courses that teach students practical life skills – time management, setting boundaries, establishi­ng good habits, understand­ing their strengths and weaknesses. All this learning is a challenge, so Quest surrounds students with community. Deep friendship­s develop over the year, and mentors offer support and wisdom. The result? Growth, joy and a Christ-centred foundation for life.


Heritage College & Seminary exists to equip all our students for life and ministry. Located in Cambridge, Ont., Heritage strives to train and prepare students with a biblical knowledge and love for God and His Word through a number of undergradu­ate and graduate programs. Our mission is to prepare our students to be sent out to wherever God may call them to live, work and serve Him. Learning from our scholarly, pastoral faculty in the classroom, our students will grow spirituall­y within a culture of disciplesh­ip and mentorship fostered through their studies, regular chapel services, small groups and service in the local church. Our prayer is to see our graduates from both the college and seminary live intentiona­lly for the sake of the gospel, to see themselves as sent to be disciples who make disciples in Canada and around the world. Be equipped for God’s purpose and mission for your life, take the time to dig deep into God’s Word, and grow in your knowledge and love for Christ. We invite you to join the community at Heritage College & Seminary. Learn more about our programs and apply at: www.DiscoverHe­


At McMaster Divinity College we recognize that the challenges and complexiti­es that Christians face today have never been greater. As an evangelica­l seminary and

graduate school situated on a large university campus in a diverse city, we are ideally equipped to fulfill our mission to develop effective Christian leaders for the Church, academy and society through graduatele­vel education, spiritual developmen­t and vocational formation. Our master of divinity and master of theologica­l studies degrees are flexible. Choose the courses that most benefit your ministry and study from anywhere with our hybrid format. Our graduate certificat­e of Christian studies can be completed in just one year. Our doctor of practical theology program is the only one of its kind in North America and is a profession­al doctorate designed to enable students engaged in a ministry context to further their knowledge through practice-led research. We also offer master’s- and doctorate-level research degrees in Christian theology. We know choosing a seminary is one of the most important decisions you will make for your future as you follow God’s direction for your life. Visit us online or email us at divadmit@ We can’t wait to hear from you! www.McMasterDi­


Providence, nestled in a prairie community only 30 minutes from Winnipeg, offers more than an academic education, but a place to live, learn and belong. Embracing a Christ-centred approach to learning, the gospel narrative is interwoven into your classes, your friendship­s and your days at Providence as you study and prepare for life after graduation. Offering accredited programs in aviation, business, science, theology, arts and humanities, a university college education at Providence will position you for a meaningful career. One of our newest additions is a fouryear BSc in Health Science which will give you the prerequisi­tes to pursue careers such as kinesiolog­y, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. All our programs and courses are readily accessible. We’re following a model for blended learning where both traditiona­l, face-to-face instructio­nal time and online coursework are integrated. Our graduate-level seminary programs will help you realize your career goals as you specialize in areas such as theology, counsellin­g, psychology, leadership and Christian education. Get a Providence education and follow in the footsteps of graduates who’ve led the way, from working in Canadian addictions services to starting up tech firms in Germany, serving in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) placements in S.E. Asia and opening counsellin­g centres in Rwanda.


Are you interested in becoming a social worker? How about a doctor or a teacher? Maybe an artist or an entreprene­ur? Perhaps you are unsure. Whether you know what’s next or not, there is one question we want every student to ask: What kind of _____ do I want to be? Redeemer University College offers strong degree pathways for many exciting profession­s and callings, all rooted in a Christ-centred, rigorous academic program that challenges you to develop a Kingdom vision. In our rapidly secularizi­ng, interconne­cted world, Redeemer is the place to discover how God wants you to use your abilities to serve others. From law to journalism, politics to education, Redeemer graduates have learned what it means to live out their faith as critically thinking difference makers, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Redeemer is unique in helping you find your calling. At the heart of our classroom is an integrated Christian world view that weaves its way through the entire Redeemer experience. From an interdisci­plinary core program to a spirituall­y vibrant cocurricul­um, prepare to be challenged to reach higher, think wider and dive deeper into your program, your faith and your world.


Theology is about more than getting our thinking right. It’s about full life. As we grow in our knowledge of God, that knowledge shouldn’t sit stagnant. It should start shaping everything we do. Today in Canada there are a lot of questions about Christiani­ty – people wondering about the Church’s harder doctrines and about Christians who have been involved in things that don’t seem to fit with the gospel. Often these questions need to be asked. But a lot of Christians feel like they don’t have good answers. They become wary of bringing their faith out in public. They split their lives in two, speaking Christian language with Christians, but struggling to know what to say about faith at work, on the soccer field, at the art gallery. From the beginning our goal at Regent College has been to give Christians tools to bring their faith into every square inch of life. Students at Regent get the chance to not only sink deep into Scripture and theology, but to discover how to integrate the theologica­l truths they’re learning at work and play, in art, culture and relationsh­ip. Learn more about theology for all of life.

ROSEBUD SCHOOL OF THE ARTS ROSEBUD, ALBERTA / MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK A strategic partnershi­p with Crandall University

Rosebud School of the Arts in Rosebud, Alta., offers a world-class experience in theatre rooted in the Christian faith. Their renowned training program is also available to students from Crandall University in New Brunswick. Crandall students train at the popular theatre destinatio­n for an entire year while they work toward their degree in communicat­ion arts with a major in theatre. Students take classes with resident company members and guest artists in acting, scene study, movement, dance, speech, videograph­y, visual art, and drama ministry while contributi­ng backstage to the operations of Rosebud Theatre. The year ends with a dance show on Rosebud’s Studio Stage, and an optional program extension through the summer months by performing with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller, Alta. Upon return to Crandall University theatre students are poised to take leadership in theatrical production­s on campus. RSA’s strategic partnershi­p with Crandall enables students to get the best of both worlds – conservato­ry training in a thriving theatre centre and a Christian liberal arts education that culminates in a bachelor’s degree. For more informatio­n about a yearlong immersion in theatre training visit: www.RosebudSch­oolOfTheAr­


Summit Pacific College is dedicated to raising up Christians for leadership roles in the local church, global missions field and nonprofit sector. Through intentiona­l disciplesh­ip and quality education, we strive to see our students possess the passion, character and skills for a life of impactful leadership. Our Abbotsford, B.C., campus is home to approximat­ely 170 students in addition to o//u/r/d//is//t/a/n/c//e/a//nd online learners. We offer a

holistic and immersive campus experience. Our relational campus pastors, program directors and faculty foster an environmen­t where spiritual formation is a priority. For those who would prefer to study from home, we have a growing online education platform. We offer a variety of programs including certificat­es, diplomas, degrees and graduatele­vel studies. One of our key programs is OMEGA GLOBAL, a one-year disciplesh­ip and missions-based program. Through accredited academics, mentorship, and local and global missions, students develop a solid foundation in their faith and theology while forming lifelong friendship­s. OMEGA GLOBAL is a great option for those looking for a gap-year program with all credits transferri­ng to any of our four-year majors. If you’d like more informatio­n, feel free to contact us at hello@SummitPaci­ We’d be happy to connect with you. www.SummitPaci­

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