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Evangelica­ls at the United Nations


After a year of near-record Christian persecutio­n, the importance of the Global Advocacy Center, a small office at the United Nations operated by the World Evangelica­l Alliance, is all the more obvious, says the alliance’s global ambassador, the Canadian Brian Stiller.

Since 1997, when the alliance was granted consultati­ve status by the UN, evangelica­l Christians have had access and opportunit­y to influence world leaders. Although many can wonder about the true effectiven­ess of the UN, Stiller argues, “There is no other place where officials from all countries of the world come together. Where else could evangelica­ls have a chance to pose hard questions to virtually every country on the planet?”

He compares the office’s work to Nehemiah – going directly to the “king” of these countries on behalf of God’s people. Last year, a private conversati­on with a UN ambassador from a majority Muslim country secured the release of three Christians held in that country, whereas a public outcry likely would have resulted in the opposite.

Support, prayer and awareness of the Global Advocacy Center help fill “the void of influence in Geneva,” Stiller says.

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